Michelle Obama Dress is a no no no….

I Love Obama as a President. I voted for him. I believe in him.

Today When I saw Michelle with her dress I almost fainted.

How could the First Lady of such a Great Man miss such an occasion of  dressing with class and style  and venturing into something like that without even thinking that when shopping for a dress for a special event like this she should have made her shopping by Armani or Valentino.

I do not know Armani personally but as an Italian I love his dresses. He has sobriety and class and his dresses are never out of style or worst out of colour like the one sported by Michelle today.

I’m Sure that Giorgio would have been more than delighted to provide the First Lady with a state-of the art dress,if he was asked for, I’m sure he would have tailored a special one just for the occasion. An unique piece, for an unique First Lady, for an unique ceremony that would have sent Michelle into history as the “best dressed First Lady ever”.

I’m sorry that you didn’t think of it Michelle. I had to say this though, because your dress was a real failure.

I’m not venturing into critisizing your gloves because I feel I won’t be able to find the right adjectives and I will probably go to heavy on you.

Please remember next time you shop for a dress: Italian design.


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