(by pio dal cin )

Larry Page from Google just wrote on a G+ post

“I loved meeting Charles Chase from Lockheed Skunk Works because he wants to change the world and he has a plan.  His dream is about building a compact fusion reactor (that would fit it on the back of a truck) which is capable of generating 100MW of electricity – enough to power a small city.  Charles thinks he could have a prototype in 5 years and a fully engineered plant in 10 years.  This would be capable of meeting all electricity demands globally by 2050.  All with virtually zero emissions.  An exciting example of how 10X thinking could make the world a better place. “

A project to provide in the next five to ten years the whole world with free electricity.  Wonderful!!!


1-Fullscreen capture 22-Feb-13 14807 AM2-Fullscreen capture 22-Feb-13 14753 AM
 5-Fullscreen capture 22-Feb-13 14657 AM3-Fullscreen capture 22-Feb-13 14743 AM

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