“No More Hurting People” Martin the boy killed in Boston wrote



This is a sad story about a young kid who went to see his dad run the Boston Marathon and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. A couple of years ago he was photographed holding a sign that says “NO MORE HURTING PEOPLE. PEACE” as you can see  by clicking on the link above.


What a terrible loss. How many children do we have to lose to insanity and  hatred?  Is this the Country that our forefathers fought so hard for? Is this the Freedom that we have conquered fighting wars and terror both abroad and at home? The time for a change  has come. Enough of the killing of children, teachers, dads moms,brothers and sisters. Why do we have to pursue hatred instead of Love ? What if that child was our own? What if that child was of the evil person who placed the bombs?

Every child that dies on Earth from Newtown to Aurora, from Damascus to Rome leave us human beings impoverished . We must change the killing and the hatred into Love and Compassion. We are all tired of the breaking news bringing us images of death and dispair.

Sting wrote in one of his songs “I hope the Russians love their children too” Don’t we all? From the North to the South Pole of this battered Planet, where we are “implanted” to live for a short span of time ? We are all going to die one day, so why do we keep on killing each other? What is wrong with us?

One last thought for the evil people who carried out this last massacre. Look into Martin’s eyes while is holding his sign “NO MORE HURTING PEOPLE” and think at what you did to that family tthat was spending a holiday together. Look at what you did to a City, Boston and its people. Look what you did to a Country, and then look at yourself in the mirror.

One day you will face death too. It may come fast, or slow, who knows. On that day you will think at what you did yesterday and your tears will not grant you a second more on this Planet. Then you will close your eyes and you will be among those considered the scum of humanity.







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