Italian Senate’s vice prez calls black minister “Orangutan”

by pio dal cin . Codognè.Treviso.Italy.
I knew that I was living in a beautiful Country. Italy is wonderful. One of Italy’s biggest problem is that there are too many politicians.
People that are elected by the people for the people (at least this should be the reason why they are in the Parlament).

The problem with most of them, is that they make too much money, given the amount of hours they spend trying to make things better for us “pheasants”.

Yeasterday one of them, not just one of them, but the Senate’s Vice President Roberto Calderoli (see photo below) called one of the Government’s Ministers an “Orangutan” sparking a debate among the politicians on his resignment.

The Minister he adressed as “Orangutan” happens to be the very first black woman in Italian history to hold such a prestigious spot, and Calderoli has exaggerated too much being a member of the Lega Nord, a right wing party known for its anti immigration positions and bills throughout the years
Cecile Kyenge has been the target of many anti black protests since she became a member of the Letta’s government, but never before she was adressed so brutally and directly by a member of the Italian Parliament
Roberto Calderoli is not new to “boutades” like these.
In 2006 he sported a T-shirt with jokes on Allah and the Italian Embassy in Lybia was theatre of a riot that left eleven people dead
Time to stop this man. Racial attacks should not be tolerated both by the Italian Government and from the European Community


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