Google.California Woman gets first ticket for driving with Google Glass

ceci glass


(by pio dal cin) Codognè Treviso  I hate to say that I said that but I saw it coming. If you care reading This old post of mine I predicted some troubles for Glass wearers. +Cecilia Abadie

has posted On her G+ profile of the ticket she got from a California Highway Patrol. Here is what she wrote:

” A cop just stopped me and gave me a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving! 

The exact line says: Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass).
Is #GoogleGlass ilegal while driving or is this cop wrong???
Any legal advice is appreciated!! This happened in California. Do you know any other #GlassExplorers that got a similar ticket anywhere in the US?”
Like it or not +Cecilia Abadie  became the first woman in history to get a ticket for wearing +Google  Glass.
Is +Larry Page  going to give a refund on the ticket? or +Vic Gundotra ?  This is going to be interesting to see in the future. Privacy breeches, people getting runned over as they cross busy streets in Manhattan while wearing the Glass. Eye doctors getting an increase of business for Glass wearers with cross eyed view and many more. I’m going to sit here and wait.

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