Pian del Cansiglio an untouched corner of Paradise

Cansiglio is a high plan
a place for meditation and relax

Since I was a kid my dad took us upo here to the 1000 meters of this High plain to get away from the scorching Summer heat. We woul leave home early when it was still nice and cool from our home in Codognè Treviso, about 40 kilometers away. It took about less than one hour to get up there between the pine trees. We would camp there and light a bunfire so that we could cook our steaks on the grill by noon. I was a young boy back then in the early 60’s. Cooking with a open fire was still permitted. There weren’t too many tourists back then. We were fortunate to have a father that had his own business selling bread-sticks and he was one of the few who had a car in the neighborhood . Every Sunday, during the Summer months we would leave early when it was still cool. Half an hour later we would be right there in the middle of the woods,it felt as if the air conditioning was turned on by a giant hand. We’d spend the whole day, cooking and relaxing, singing,and have fun, till the evening.

Cansiglio was used by the builders of vessels in Venice to gather log for the Serenissima’s fleet See a brief history of the Serenissima Republic here Ships were important for the control of the Mediterranean Sea and in particular they proved vital in the Battle of Lepanto of which the positive result for the Venetian League saved the control of the Mediterranean traffic by the Venetian Republic. The logs used to construct the Venetian fleet were gathered here in this beautiful forest

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