Happy Mother Day Mom (and Dad)




(by pio dal cin)I have to start from a young farm boy the youngest of four brothers, born in 1923 in a small country town nested between the Adriatic and the Dolomites, a rural town of 5300 souls where working the fields from dawn to sunset was the only way of surviving .

He was a handsome man,yet simple; and as it was customary back then he finished his fifth grade elmentary school and went back to help his family with the farming.

Families were living in big houses, the greater the number of the children the higher possibility they had to “steal” from a already stingy land, a good crop and survive trough the harsh times and long winters.

His name was Narciso. When he turned 20 Mussolini was already dead and Italian troops were asked to fight the old ally, Germany.

Narciso was captured in Jugoslavia by the Nazis and moved into a working campo in Northern Germany.

He was sent 12 hours a day in a coal mine, without food, he had to work like this for 18 months till the Americans came to free him on April 25th 1945.

He wa sick and weighed 80 pounds when he returned home. His back was severely damaged, so it was put in a cast from his neck to his waist for three long years, in a specialized clinic in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where eventually met Maria Teresa, who pampered him after falling in love with the handsome veteran.

When he came home from the hospital he was still sick, so he took a trip to Lourdes from where he came home completely healed.

His life was devoted from then on to a strong religious behaviour and when Maria Teresa whom he married in 1952 gave birth to their first child they named her Maria Bernardetta, to remember the “miracle” that put Narciso back on his feet

Three years later Antonio Maria was born.

In 1956 Maria Teresa was pregnant again. Maria Bernardetta and Antonio were both born by Caesarian,

One of the check up showed to the doctors that the child she was carrying could have not made it to the end of the nine months, so they adviced Maria Teresa to “get rid” of the child she was carrying.

Narciso in the meantime had the chance to get to know a friar who was said to be in “profumo di santità” Padre Pio da Petrelcina, was making people feeling better and he was said to perform miracles.

Narciso travelled to Puglia and asked him for Spiritual advice.”What Shall I do father? My wife is pregnant and the doctors are telling her to get rid of the child what should I do Padre Pio?”

“Go home Narciso” The Holy man said “everything is going to be ok..tell your wife to go to the end of this..”

Narciso gave the message to Maria Teresa and she happiy carried on with her pregnancy. I was born on October the 15th 1956 and I was named after the Holy Friar (who has been proclaimed a Saint by John Paul the Second six years ago)

Pio Maria. it’s me….

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