Venissa A great story and a great wine from Bisol for Mia Voss Pio Dal Cin & Company


Mia Voss & Pio Dal Cin and the Venissa experience

What a day thursday. Pouring rain all night. +Mia Voss , +pio dal cin  Pietro Lot and Lisa Tommasella meet at #VillaToderini for breakfast. We were supposed to be in Ca’Noghera to catch a boat taxi to reach the island ofMazzorbo, just across the bridge from wonderful Burano. Here the Bisol Family (one of the leading brand of Prosecco inVeneto with over one million bottles a year) has managed to restart a wineyard that seemed to be lost. with the savy of a good friend, Walter Biasi, from Codogné they revived the wineyard that was situated in the Island of Mazzorbo where an oldMonastery once stood. What remains of it is an old tower bell from the year 1300.
To go or not to go? This was the question. Hoping for the rain to stop or change the date? We decided that we should go, and it was the best decision we took.
The boat was waiting for us and we took off as soon as Matteo showed up (thanks for driving all the way down here fromS.Stefano di Valdobbiadene to meet us) we went to the island trough the Lagoon with wildlife everywhere (cormorans, swans,egrets,flamingo). I though I was in the Everglades.
As soon as we got to the island Matteo took us for a tour of the wineyard called #Venissa, as the wine is called. Shortly after we crossed the bridge to Burano, and stopped at one of the best bakery I have ever seen. Soon after Matteo took us to see a great video that described without words the making of the #Venissa wine.
A faboulos lunch followed with pasta e fasioi, sardine in saor,folpetti and the best fried fish platter I have ever had in my life.

The taxi took us back to uor car in the afternoon where we headed for downtown Venice. Rain all day. A great experience indeed