Venissia and the first experiment of wine archeaology

aaaaburino (Viva il Veneto)

The islands of Mazzorbo, Burano and Torcello are situated in the northern part of the Lagoon of Venice: this archipelago of nature,
colours, flavours and art represents the “original” Venice. Torcello, in fact, is one of the most ancient and prosperous settlements in the
Lagoon: here the renowned basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, founded in 639, and the legendary Throne of Attila can be found. Burano,
the ”island of lace”, is an exceptional cultural jewel: famous for its ancient crooked bell tower and marvellous coloured houses,
Burano’s peaceful, intimate and touching atmosphere makes it
all conquering: an ideal tourist destination for all those who wish
to immerse themselves in the nature, art and enogastronomic
excellence of Venice whilst enjoying the peace of the Lagoon.
Crossing the characteristic wooden footbridge, from which you
are rewarded with a moving view of San Marco, you reach
Mazzorbo: the island historically known as Maiurbium (from
Magna Urbs, great city), as to testify the cultural and

commercial position held by the island in the past.
Mazzorbo plays host to the church of Saint Catherine, an elegant
XIII century construction, and the ancient Venissa Estate, a Natural Environment Park restored by Bisol, the winner of the 2007
competition called by the Municipality of Venice the owners of the Estate. Many authors have sung the praises of this part of the
Lagoon, notably George Sand, Henry James, Hernest Hemingway and Diego Valeri. Venissa owes its name to the line that AndreaZanzotto dedicated to Venice “Venessia, Venissa, Venusia”.

This wineyard is an heroic experiment of viticultural archeaology performed in the Island, as the original vines were on the verge of extinction a group of people (including one of my best friends from #Codogné Walter Biasi, a world’s renoun when it comes to wineyard care and growing) #Venissa  and the wine produced here (140Euros for a 0.50 cl bottle with golden leaf label) is an experiment held by the #Bisol familyThe Bisol family, whose time-honoured winery is located in S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene,
directly cultivate 20 of the best-located plots for grape growing. The feather in the cap is the
plot nurtured on the summit of the Cartizze hill, the world’s most expensive vineyard
dedicated to bubbles. The Bisol winery continues to be passed down from father to son: the actual owners are the two brothers Gianluca (President and Managing Director) and Desiderio (Oenologist and Technical Director) who were involved in the management of the company by their father Antonio from a very early age.
Gianluca Bisol, the managing director of the company effectively sums up their aims: “We work tirelessly with passion so that Conegliano will gain the same prestige as Reims, Valdobbiadene the same charm as Epernay and Prosecco the same notoriety as Champagne”.
Together with the family, Gianluca Bisol has restored the ancient walled-estate of Venissa on
the island of Mazzorbo Burano in the heart of the Lagoon of Venice. The historical grape-variety Dorona has been planted in this time-honoured estate and it is here that we find the
roots of Venissa, the liquid Gold of NativeVenice, the first exclusive vintage of which is already available. The Estate with its vegetable gardens and orchards also plays host to a Restaurant and a Charming Ex-manor House Resort. Venissa is therefore an elaborate and innovative tourism and culture-orientated hospitality structure that Bisol has used as a catalyst to link the prestige of Venice with the charm of Valdobbiadene.
I got the great opportunity to visit the island with +Mia Voss who came to visit +Prosecco Country 2015  sponsored by .
+Ca del Poggio  and +Villa Toderini, two gems of the#Veneto  hospitality accepted to sponsor her journey by hosting her while she was here. On my group welcomed by Matteo Bisol who takes care of the#VenissaExperience  were Lisa Tommasella (doctorate in cultural sciences) and Pietro Lot, wine expert, wine grower, and world’s traveller.My daughter #Aurora  was also with us as she plans to attend the prestigious school where some the best wine growers and experts formed, including our long time friend +Luca Zaia .
#Burano  island is just one bridge away with his pictorial colorful houses that would make   like +Garth McKay +Leanne Staples +Victor Bezrukov +Star Rush  go wild.
#Venice  is 45 minutes away by water bus. A nice journey trough the Lagoon that reminded me a lot of the#Everglades   in #Florida  where once I had a close encounter with its alligators (read full story here:
I wonder why #HernestHemingway  loved to stay here and got inspired to write “Across the River and into the trees” . He was wounded during the war and he loved to come around in the Lagoon between #Venice  and#Caorle  .

As for myself it was a great opportunity to revive my Venetian roots as I’m preparing my second book “Cuore Veneto-Da Venezia a Cortina passando per le colline del Prosecco DOCG”. The first one “Codognè Cuore Veneto” was launched succesfully last december at +Villa Toderini  #codognecuoreveneto   written in collaboration with +francesca salvador ( childhood friend,elementary teacher and writer)
is the first book in #Italy  to include #qrcode   video interviews and photo albums +Cuore Veneto Codognè Treviso is the heart of the #Veneto  from here the beaches of the #Adriatic  and the #Dolomites  can be quickly reached, just like Venice  and Treviso.