Burano Venissa Mazzorbo Islands and that Native Venice feeling you get only here

#Burano   is the real essence of a Venetian experience. In this part of the Venetian Lagoon is where it all started.Call it “Native Venice” call it (like I love to do) a photographers’ and painters’ Paradise. As you walk around in this wonder, you’ll smell the fresh seafood, the freshly baked bread and pastry. You’ll see older women knitting in an old fashioned way that is taught from generation to generation on a mother-daughter way that is not written anywhere for it is an island’s secret. Next time you’ll visit Venice, make the effort of taking a water bus (vaporetto) and plan to spend a whole day here. Quiet and silence broken only by the daily noises of the fishermen and the people doing their trades. The light will change the contrast and the warmth of colours as the day grows older and if you did not bring that extra battery for your camera you’ll realize how much you are going to need it, for you’ll have a thousand and more in less that two hours. Every corner here is a story, a shade, a colour, a situation worth the capture. At the end of the day visit #Venissa  from #Bisol  just across the bridge. The first experiment of viticultural archeaology, bringing an old vine back to life in the site of a 1300 monastery. +Prosecco Country 2015 +Cuore Veneto Codognè Treviso +Villa Toderini +Ca del Poggio #VillaToderini  are the places to stay if you are visiting.  +Giselle Minoli and +Meg Tufano  you should be next (I hope)

Just one hour away. Have any doubts? ask +Mia Voss  who was in the area for a few days on her#MiaOnTheGo   tour of Italy (almost over) Ask +Diana Isac  owner and founder of +Winerest  ask +Debi Davis  who has been following +The Mia Connect  from Denver. Ask +Nazim Beltran +Chef Dennis Littley +Larry Fournillier +Adelheid Hörnlein +Mark Davenport
+Hotel Dei Mellini +Hotel Dei Borgognoni
+John Dietrich +Yifat Cohen or +Jack C Crawford who introduced me to her two years ago and was at +Villa Toderini himself while visiting here in +Prosecco Country 2015
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