NASA launches a new Website

Welcome to the New

Based on extensive user feedback and testing, we’ve modernized to work across all devices and screen sizes, eliminate visual clutter, and put the focus on the continuous flow of news updates, images and videos we know you’re looking for. We’ve simplified our image and video galleries to emphasize viewing and sharing the content, and organized that content around NASA’s areas of work, like the Journey to Mars and exploration of the Solar System and Beyond. And we’ve made the content more “discoverable,” by connecting features and images to related content through an “infinite scroll” of similar content and clickable topic labels that take you to pages with more related content.

Responsive Design

Over 25% of our audience is now coming to the site on a phone or tablet; some live events have seen spikes to over 90% mobile traffic in some locations. Looking at these numbers, the top priority of this redesign was to build a responsive site that works across all devices and screen sizes. Mobile users can now experience the full range of our content when, where and how they want.

Clean up

Over the years, one of the top user complaints about the site has been the difficulty in navigating the visual clutter.  As we have added more links to try to help people navigate the site, we’ve actually made it harder by giving the user more items to scan and try to understand whether they would be useful to click on. The new design has far fewer links per page, and the focal point is a dynamic feed of content, arranged largely in reverse chronological order, and incorporating feature stories, images and videos.


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