Blab has new profiles now. By Brittany Metz

New profiles!

Remember when you used to click a profile and it would open an overlay image on top of your Blab? We’d like to forget.

If you click in you can see their full profile:


So now you can find all your replays, and upcoming shows you’ve scheduled! Brian Fanzo’s building up a nice replay collection after being on Blab for only 14 days (we added your days on Blab too)!

To get to someone’s profile: just forward slash and add their blab username!

When you click a username during a blab this pops up:


New profile cards on viewer hover:


You can now see a bit more info, and if they’re following you, we’ll show you that as well!

Team Blab Riano owl badges:

Little Riano owl will now identify team blab so you can @mention us in a chat and we’ll probably lurk on in. 😛


Very excited for these changes, and hopefully we can be adding a bit more stats shortly!


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