U.S.A. and the home made terrorism

“gun-related deaths ‘dwarf those that happen through terrorism'”

With these words president +Barack Obama  commented on the recent facts that
have flooded the media in the past 48 hours; the killing of

Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward  in Moneta Virginiaby Vester Flanagan who decided to put everything on video.

Americans killing Americans, no need for International terrorism. While +Barack Obama  celebrates the right of gay couples to marry with the slogan: “Love wins” Love does not win in the LAND OF THE FREE, where freedom means the right to have guns that can be used to kill fellows Americans. Innocent people falling under “friendly fire” often triggered by the fragile mental conditions of the shooters combined with the fact that weapons are too easy to find. the +National Rifle Association  is a powerful lobby that has many a representative in the U.S. Congress and makes it impossible for any president to limit the “freedom” of  ““A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” as clearly stated by the second Amendment.  Our troops who fought wars around the globe, all the service men who died in the name of freedom will not rest in peace if they knew that today the worst nightmare for an American family is not outside terrorism like the one that killed all the people at the Twin Towers  , but to send children at school  fearing that something bad could happen to them as it did in
Sandy Hook Elementary , or at the movies like it did in Aurora Colorado. The killer got 12 life sentences and over three thousand more years in jail today.
The “script” repeats itself everytime a shooting takes place:
The president +Barack Obama  appears on TV sharing the Nation’s grief for those who died and their families.
Candlelights and tears all over the Country. Everyone feels the pain like: “It could have been me, or one of my children,my spouse, my brother or sister, my mom or dad”.
A few day pass and the news pour in from around the World, erasing slowly every memory of precedent shooting that in order to remember what happened we have to search it on the Web.
Nobody has a solution. A good start would be to limit access to assault rifles and weapons of great fire power. The problem will remain until we realize that the REAL problem is within our Nation, not outside. The LAND OF THE FREE cannot fall hostage to the daily fear of seeing a gunman walking to a public place and start shooting  at harmless people. If we fail to find a common soilution to the problem we will fail to keep our forefathers’ promise to “Leave a better world to the next generations”


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