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My book finally is an ebook in English: Taxidriver A Venetian in Miami Is a true story11059775_992288257502532_9064099305045590608_n

This is a true story. The story of a country boy who wants to travel to know, to understand, to learn and confront himself with the world and its people. He lives his hometown of five thousand nested in the province of Treviso, in north eastern Italy on the day he turned twenty three, and flies to the USA , Florida, Miami. He wants to know the way of life, the trends, the curious habits of its people.


The initial enthusiasm clashes with the hard reality of the search for a job.


Six months in America and the tourist visa expires and our hero goes into hiding and that’s when the real story begins. Like a small eagle out of his nest for the first time, trying the thrill of flight. He must look out for the winds, the rocks, the predators.


I always believed in my dreams. The most wonderful adventure that can happen in a person’s life is to have a dream and see it happen. Life becomes a path designed to reach the goal. The choice of following your own dream comes with a price tag though. You must be willing to endure some sacrifices. It is like climbing a mountain one step at the time, without turning around to check on the road already travelled  but looking ahead to the road that lies ahead . Those who have hiked a mountain’s trail know that. It doesn’t pay to start the trail at a fast pace and having to stop ten minutes later to gasp for air. Many are the difficulties, as many are the satisfactions, the delusions and the successes .

The pleasure of climbing remains intact. The reward is the breathtaking view you’ll see upon reaching the top.


Photography and writing two equal and different ways of expressing your emotions and make them public so that everyone can benefit from them somehow.


The people, the street’s names, the places you will encounter in this humble book are all true. Nothing is invented, as reality often surpasses  the fantasy.


I did  so many jobs in my life that it would take a whole book just to describe them in full. Two were the jobs that helped me in realizing my dream : being a photojournalist  had me travel the world and getting to know it better, being a taxi driver has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of people and understand their emotions, dreams, fears, and  all the feelings that are part of human nature.


When people get in the taxi they feel they can open up as if they were  in a confessional or laying on  the “shrink’s” bed. They know that chances to meet again with that particular taxi driver are very slim. They know that by living and working on the streets you acquire a kind of “street wisdom” that is not taught in any school.


I had people crying, laughing telling me their stories in ten minutes, asking me for advice, cussing, smoking, using drugs, dressing, undressing, drinking passing out, counting money, trying to escape without paying or giving me huge tips, people trying to rob me and women who wanted to take me home. When I started my day as a taxi driver I always had the same attitude as if I was going to see a movie and the script  was unfolding right on the back seat of my Yellow Cab.


It was just a great feeling of freedom being able to pick the hours in which I wanted to work, the area where I wanted to work. Nobody was telling what to do, I was a young Italian working in a wonderful place, working hard  and having fun. What else could have I asked for?



You will find some of these stories , both about the photojournalist and the taxi driver that I tried to tell using simple words.



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