Jazz Train from Sacile to Osoppo.Steaming to success trough the territory

It was indeed a long day. Departure from Sacile was set at 9:55 am. The great part was that the train was and old “Steamer” and the company to reduce the “Stress-pleasure” of a three hours haul, was the music. Jazz that is. Fantastic musicians from the Friuli Region (the extreme North eastern part of Italy bordering with Slovenia and Croatia) were called to perform while the slow train was moving through the territory, making us understand why in the Old West trains could be attacked by bandits on horses. The jazz musicians moved trough the convoy playing together. The passengers were soon involved into the Jamming session and were enthusiastic about thepieces that were played full of energy and positive vibrations. The train inside looked a lot like one of those trains used in many of Sergio Leone’s Westerns; wooden seats and windows that opeden at waist level. Indeed a great journey. The only negative aspect was  (in my humble opinion)the transfer to the  Osoppo’s Fort, where a Jazz concert was played. This was a “plus” that extended too much the long haul and had nothing to do with the train itself (if not only for the music. A better choice could have been stopping at Forgaria train station where a popular fest was going on with great wine, beer, goulash and POLENTA. This would have shortened the trip to mid afteroon. The train arrived back in Sacile at 8:00 p.m


Screenshot of Sacile, 33077 Province of Pordenone to 33010 Osoppo Province of Udine - Google Maps.jpg

Green arrows show the actual course of the train (not available on Google Maps)


The old steamer took three hours (with several stops) to cover the 78 kilometers



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