Venice’s mayor biggest mistake: lack of focus on real problems. No sitting in Venice? A boomerang.

In this post on my blogger’s blog  A few days ago, I posted (in Italian) my criticism about the possible ordinance of Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, to forbid tourists and residents to sit down near the most visited spot in the city. Yesterday a couple of vandals were intercepted by local police after having sprayed one of the two lions on the west side of the S. Mark’s Basilica.


Brugnaro, the mayor, is considering applying a 500 Euro fine to those tourists who will decide to sit dow by the most visited sites in the city of Casanova. F1000067

This decision  (to be discussed on octobert 4th by the city’s council) if taken will result in the biggest mistake he could  make since he took office.  The PRIORITIES should be put in a better perspective since:
THERE ARE YOUTUBERS AND “BARBARIANS TOURISTS” using the city as a swimming pool, plunging from bridges and swimming in the city’s canals, urinating, making love in public places. With all these things happening the mayor is focusing on the toursts sitting down because the city where you will have to walk for hours “forces” you to find a spot where to rest your tired bones?


I suggest mister Brugnaro a menu that will discourage further vandlic actions by targeting the barbarians’ pockets:

Plunging from bridges or swimming in canals : TEN THOUSAND EUROS

Vandalizing monuments or writing on them:  TEN THOUSAND EUROS

Urinating, defecating or obscene behaviour in public: TEN THOUSAND EUROS.F1000149

AND PLEASE…leave those tired tourists alone.

photo copyright 2018 by pio dal cin




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