Venice.Four years old boy gets a fine of 66 Euros for riding a scooter near St.Mark’s.

Venice with the snow (photo copyright pio dal cin)

The mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro is probably in need of a good vacation. The way he is managing the most beautiful (and most visited) city in the world is like the high tide that submerges the “Piazza San Marco” at least four times a year, it’s taking in water from every corner and it is bound to sink.  Last month the mayor and his admiststration announced that they would eventually fine tourists if they were caught….  SEATING.

Would you need any further information on a person capable to even think of such a disgraceful law?  Well, here comes the news. Two days ago, a boy was strolling inethe most visited “Piazza” in the whole world with his scooter. Urban police stopped the boy and gave to his father a ticket to pay. A fine of 66 Euros (About 62$). Daddy posted the ticked on Facebook and the news went viral . All the major newspapers and television reported the fact, making Luigi look like a moron.

The city has been going trough hard times lately in matter of public decor. Lovers have been spotted making love on the Vaporettos’ piers (Vaporetto is the water bus). In many other occasions young punks dived from the bridges into the muddy waters and sent video clip to Youtube hoping for it to become viral, and in some cases making them some money as well. The fine for them is not as bad as the one the mayor of TREVISO commended to a young student who stripped himself completely,and plunged into the TREVISO’s river. The fine was 10K . Yes sir…. ten thousand dollars and there was nothing the studend did that made the mayor of Treviso change his mind.

If it works in TREVISO, why should not working in Venice? That is THE answer everyone would like to have from the “commander in chief” who has proven to be faster in appearing in the evening news than trying to rescue his city. “We hired a kind of urban police that can outrun thieves” He declared laughing on an interview last month. “If the are caught they will think..who is this cop…Batman?”

That is not the kind of leadership one would excpect to find in a city  like Venice. Trash is another big problem that was never solved by any of the administrations in the past 200 years , but that is another story


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