Update on the Covid’s situation for my English speaking friends in the world.

CODOGNE’, May the Fourth. As previously announced by the PM “Giuseppi” GIUSEPPE CONTE there are some changes that are taking place starting today. Many factories have opened allowing people to return to their jobs. The security measures that are suggested are : measurement of temperature, test for positivity distancing between workers. Visit to keen and family members who live in other cities are allowed inside the REGION, but not outside the REGION of residence, unless there is an emergency that will allow it. Bars, restaurants, pizzerias and all food vendors are to remain closed (probably until the 18th of May) and are only allowed TAKE OUT and DELIVERY services. Sports that involve professional individuals such as jogging, biking, swimming(with certain precise rules) are allowed as well as tennis and golfing. Team sports are not allowed. Beaches and resorts remain closed. All gatherings are prohibited. various shops have reopened but they must follow the same rules of distancing (6 feet) and security devices (gloves and face masks).


It all started on February the 22nd. We have now reached what they call PHASE 2. The hospital admissions by Covid patients is down, so are the patients still treated in the ICU wards. Deaaths are down as well, and the number of people dismissed by the hospital is on the rise. These TWO WEEKS, from TODAY until the 18th of MAY are crucial for what will come next. IF the VIRUS shows no signs of RETURNING (this will be considered by the numbers) that a TOTAL OPENING will take place, (Even with stricter rules for restaurants, Food & Beverages). Beaches and resorts, both in the mountains and on the Adriatic cost will be reopening.

This is the actual situation. Today as I went outside with my car, traffic has increased considerably and people were shopping, taking walks with or without their dogs, families with children on their bikes. Life is coming back. Yesterday I interviewed a young man who is a honey producer. We spoke of the BEES situation and if this lockdown has brought some changes in their social oriented behaviour. He answered: “These two months were really peaceful for them, without the usual noises in the fields. I think that they worked more relaxed, as we humans are also slowing down our speed. Birds and animals are really happy, I can tell, they sing more, they fly around more. This was really a great period for them and for my bees”

Luca Antoniolli with his BEES


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