Andrea e Marco Together Forever

What greater love is there in life that the bond between a father and his son? Andrea and Marco were coming home from a night out at a sushi restaurant. I can see them smiling and enjoying their food together as buddies. On the way home a cruel destiny decided that it was the time for them to leave everything they had here. Ira, the beloved mom and spouse, Tina Andrea’s mom and Marco’s grandma, Rodolfo, his brotherly friend along with Franco, Alessandro, Monica, Matteo. and many many others. There is no understanding for such a tragedy. We can try to think an think again in search for a logical answer to this. Our mind will begin spinning and coming back to the cruel reality that they are not longer with us. A time of great pain for everyone who knew them. It will last for a long time, we all know that. We must then come to a conclusion that every tragedy brings something positive with it. It’s hard, I know to think like that, but we must. Life must go on in the celebration of what this two, father and son have left in the very depth of our hearts. There is a lesson that must be learned for their memory to be always in our hearts. The heart is the real connection with all those who have crossed the bridge that we are to cross, as we are here in this planet as temporary visitors. Weather one believes in a future life or not, this is our destiny as human beings. The lesson I learned in these days of pain is that we must treasure the love, the people, every gift that we have received in our lives as precious. I learned that I should not expect anything more of what I have, and that includes my family, my friends, my job, the house I live in, gifts from life, precious gifts that I ought to be thankful for every day. Andrea has lived a life that was full. Marco was just beginning it. It is cruel and we cannot do anything except being sure that they will always live in our hearts. They are with us, because the people we love do not die. They just disappear phisically but they live as long as we remember them.


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