Portobuffolè Kilimangiaro.Borgo dei Borghi.

(by pio dal cin) Certo che sarebbe bello vedere Portobuffolè vincere la gara tra i borghi d’Italia che sta appassionando l’Italia dal Nord al Sud attraverso la trasmissione di RAI 3Alle Falde el Kilimangiaro” condotta da Licia Colo’. Oggi pomeriggio si poteva vedere la bionda presentatrice tra le strade del piccolo meraviglioso borgo Medievale con la sua troupe e un drone che riprendeva dall’alto tutti i movimenti.La registrazione verrà mandata in onda Domenica 20 Aprile in prima serata su RAI 3.

Le seguenti foto sono soggette alle leggi sul copyright.Il loro uso senza l’espresso consenso dell’autore “pio dal cin” è proibitoDrone fotografico PortobuffolèPortobuffolè Licia ColòLicia Colo' a PortobuffolèDSC04288portobuffolè

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Royal Baby is here. It’s a boy

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...
The British royal family on Buckingham Palace balcony after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. Kate wears a wedding gown by Sarah Burton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The British royal family on Buckingham Palace balcony after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. Kate wears a wedding gown by Sarah Burton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by pio dal cin. Codognè 

As I predicted on my recent post the Royal Baby is Here, today, on the very first day of full Moon. July the 22nd. It’s a boy (I predicted a girl) So His Royal name is not yet known
All we know is that he was born at 4:24 pm local time and weighed 8.6 pounds in London’s Saint Mary’s Hospital. William was present for the birth

The name was not immediately announced and may not be known for up to a week.
But great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II was the first to get the news from her grandson, by encrypted phone to the palace, and just in time, too. She’s scheduled to leave on her annual vacation at her Balmoral estate inScotland at the end of this week.

Veneto su Google plus per chi lo ama come me

http://www.codognetreviso.com/2013/06/il-veneto-su-google-plusper-chi-lo-ama.html Clicca qui)

Codognè Treviso Veneto Italia. Queste le mie radici. Il Veneto è la mia Regione, il posto dove sono nati i miei genitori, nonni, bisnonni,trisnonni e cosi’ via.

Google Glass and its impact on the way we live.Be Prepared by 2013’s end

by pio dal cin) I found this great article about +Google  Glass project on “Marketingland.com” describing the impact that the Glass will have on the market as the project prepares to release the commercial version of the product by the end of 2013 .

The “Glass” basically will allow you to see what you see now in your “Smartphone” through a pair of glasses that you are wearing. The product was publicized and +Sergey Brin  co founder of +Google  with +Larry Page  was spotted on a New York City subway wearing the “Glass”.

The following analysis by

“Marketingland.com” will explain  you what the real impact will be on the way we live in the future


John Lincoln wrote the article

. The Small Screen Will Force Those To Adapt To Space Constraints

The Google Glasses will, of course, have a smaller screen than a PC. But the glasses will also have a smaller screen than any smart phone on the market. The viewing area is minimal, and it only resides on the right hand side. Because of this, everything that is rendered for Google Glass will be incredibly small. This will create a whole new medium for Web viewing and usability. Google and third-party interests will need to explore different ways to perform actions and render data.

2. Less Browser Changing

Google will, of course, make their browser available first for use through Google Glass, and this will result in most users sticking with that browser. However, it is safe to say that new browsers will most likely be introduced later. Regardless, this will mean more market share for Google-owned browsers.

3. Less Switching Of Applications

When we are on smart phones, we often switch from app to app to accomplish an objective. With Google Glass, we can expect to start with a core set of abilities that are inherent to the operating system. Following this, applications will be introduced and their use will grow. While this is true, Google will get the first crack at developing all the functionality needed for the device, much like the advantage Apple had with the iPhone. If Google can do this well, they will limit the need for new apps and gain more control of this new market.

4. A Greater Need For Voice Recognition Technology

Most of the usability in this device is activated based on voice recognition. Google has improved their abilities here, but voice recognition and activation technology is still very new and buggy. Google will need to continue to improve and expand the capabilities of this technology to make the product successful long-term.

5. Smart Phones & Websites Racing To Integrate

Google Glass is scary to everyone. You can bet Apple, Microsoft and other big players are having meetings right now (or have already) to develop an ad hoc Google Glass strategy. They are asking, “Do we create our own technology to compete? Do we look for ways to integrate? Or, do we just sit back and watch?” These companies are heavily invested in the smart phone battle right now. Google Glass means a whole new opportunity to create a new generation of devices. Each one of these companies is no doubt developing a strategic plan.

Google Glass Flight

6. New Advertising

Google appears to be offering this product with no ads to start. They are generating a little revenue from the sale of the device, but they will be creating ads at some point. When they do, a new ad format will need to be developed. This is going to be a tough one for Google. Creating an ad that is non-intrusive but also one inch from someone’s face is not easy. But trust me, they will find a way.

7. More Eye-Movement Focused Applications

Google has already patented a new eye tracking technology that basically follows the eye, and thus, can control the camera. According to techradar.com, “Several methods of tracking eye movement are provided, including projecting moving objects and displaying a path, such as a zigzag or partial circle pattern, for the eye to follow.”
While at this point, this technology is only being utilized to unlock the head-mounted display, there are many more implications. This could be used to play a racing game, move a chess piece, organize an excel spread sheet or perform an action (ex., move eyes to the right for “yes” or to the left for “no”). This eye movement technology, as it is developed, will be a great help for using the device when you don’t feel like speaking. It will also allow for some fun ways to interact with different device offerings. Finally, as users become more accustomed to eye tracking technology we will see it increasingly utilized in all technologies.

8. Social Media Will Need To Adapt

Google Glass is a game changer for social media. You know it, and I know it. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn, FourSquare, as well as other sites, will all need to develop strategies to deal with this new technology. Will the social sites allow for easy uploads? Will they have an area of their page that shows the person’s live feed when it is turned on? Does Facebook race to create their own device? One thing is for sure, if a social media site cannot interact properly with this technology, they risk losing users. Google knows this and will undoubtedly be creating seamless integration with Google +. At this stage, it would seem that Google + has the most to gain from Google Glass.

9. GoPro Will Suffer

GoPro has been an amazing venture to watch. A simple camera with better mobility and water resistant capabilities turned into a worldwide phenomenon very quickly. Google Glass is going to be a serious competitor for GoPro. Sure, Google Glass is much bigger than just video, but the two devices can accomplish the same goals, and to me, Google Glass looks a little less bulky.

10. SEO Will Change Yet Again

While right now, it appears that the search function is limited. Google will, of course, be offering full search abilities at some point. With the incredibly small visual interface, search listings will render a small amount of data, and overall, the way results are presented will change. I don’t want to go too in-depth on this one without more information, but it is clear things will evolve to fit the technology.

Wrapping Up Predictions

These predictions are simply ideas based on my experience in Internet marketing. They may not all be right, but there is nothing wrong with considering the implications of Google Glass. I hope you found this a good read. If you disagree with these predictions, that of course, is fine. Let’s get a good discussion going below on this topic. However, I believe we can all agree that Google Glass is a game changer on many levels.
Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.

Nuove Regole per la Sicurezza Stradale – Una dimenticanza Vitale-

Da un paio di settimane ho fondato un gruppo su Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=112011118847994  che ha raccolto fin’ora circa cinquecento iscritti.

Ho fatto un appello ai politici perchè si iscrivessero anche loro, ma a parte qualche gruppo della Lega Nord, nessun politico di spicco ha messo ancora fuori la testa per appoggiare questo gruppo, lo scopo del quale è molto semplice e presto spiegato.

La cronaca, si sa, è piena zeppa di incidenti stradali, causati da ubriachi, drogati, bulli della velocità. Ben vengano le nuove regole più restrittive, che sicuramente contribuiranno ad un miglioramento della sicurezza. Manca, a mio avviso una norma molto semplice ma che di fatto ridurrebbe drasticamente il numero degli incidenti, e soprattutto il numero di gente che dovrebbe stare al massimo alla guida di un triciclo.

E’ successo spesso che un drogato, un alcolizzato, un pazzo del volante abbia ucciso uno o più persone e, dopo un periodo più o meno lungo di sospensione della patente, questa gli sia stata restituita, restituendo così alle nostre strade una MINA VAGANTE, una PISTOLA CARICA, puntata sulla folla inerme. QUESTO DEVE FINIRE!!

Il gruppo( che ho fondato sulla scia emotiva del terribile incdente che a Valdobbiadene (TV) ha stroncato la vita della giovane bimba di 5 anni Serena, falcidiata da un “autista” che sembra percorresse la strada del centro del piccolo paese a quasi 140 all’ora) si propone di arrivare ad una legge che di fatto privi questo tipo di “autisti” (ubriachi, drogati, bulli) dal rivedere MAI MAI MAI PIU’ LA PATENTE.

Che vadano a piedi, in autobus, in bici o si facciano accompagnare. Come ci sentiremmo se tra qualche anno scoprissimo che lo stesso autista, riavuta la patente uccidesse ancora?


E quì mi appello ai politici, locali e non. Non nascondetevi!Uscite e fatevi conoscere, aiutateci in questa battaglia atta a fermare il massacro. Come vi sentireste se la persona investita ed uccisa fosse uno dei vostri cari? Serve una presa di posizione forte contro questi KILLERS POTENZIALI. Bisogna individuarli e TOGLIERLI DALLE STRADE DEFINITIVAMENTE!!!!

Altro non posso fare che rilanciare il mio umile ma ARRABIATISSIMO tam-tam mediatico, e continuerò a farlo, fin tanto che qualcuno non raccoglierà questo appello. La giustizia comincia anche dal promulgare leggi che servano a creare una società più giusta e vivibile, e in questo momento, in Italia manca una legge che impedisca a questi ASSASSINI di ritornare ad uccidere.

Un’auto impazzita che piomba su una folla, è la stessa cosa di un terrorista che entra in un centro commerciale sparando a casaccio sulla folla. Non è esagerato il paragone se ci pensate bene. Bisogna che questo finisca al più presto.

(pio dal cin) telefono 3397749337