Luca Zaia, Grande Luca. Al Veneto al te ringrazia. (In diaetto Veneto.)

Stasera vui scriver de Luca. Pi che scriver vorie ringraziarlo par quel che l’ha fatt pari Veneti e pal VENETO. Ormai a mezodì e mezo se ferma anca i Jevri in tei camp par scoltar quel che l’hà da dirne, SE no me sbaglie dovarissi essere vizini ai 80 dì de FILA, ogni di a sciorinar numeri, a dirne de PORTAR LA MASCHERINA, a star lontani e no GASARSE MASSA parché anca se ven scomenzà a moverse la “PARTIDA” (come che la ciama lu, no l’è finida. Sto semo de virus a l’è come na RUMOLA. TE sa che l’è là sotto ma te lo vede. Ogni tant però fioi, bisogna ricordarse de dirghe GRAZIE a sto FIOL. LUCA l’à dimostyrà de esser un vero comandante, sia in tel ben che in tel mal. Prima al ne à portà a casa le OLIMPIADI a CORTINA, i CAMPIONATI DEL MONDO, LE COLLINE PATRIMONIO DELL?UNESCO. Tra na ROBA (varda che in Italian se disaria “COSA”) e quelaltra al ne à parà al cul da DO ALUVION e da VAIA. ADESS col VIRUS i varda tutti cossa che l’à fatt al VENETO e i COPIA al MODEL. HAVARD, FINANCIAL TIMES, NEW YORK TIMES, se disè LUCA ZAIA I LO CONOSSE DAPARTUTT.

LUCA al podaria aspirar a qualsiasi carica istituzional del PAESE. Daprimo ministro a presidente. MA meteveo ben in testa: LU AL VOL STAR QUA, in mezo ala so zent, in tea so tera parchè LUCA l’è nassest a CONEJAN e l’à le radise fonde come quee de na QUERCIA. Adess al se à mess in testa de portar a casa l’AUTONOMIA.

MI son stuf de sentirme dir daa zent:” Ah,,,no i ne la dà no i ne la dà, massa schei ghe manden zo a ROMA, no i ASSA andar la VACCA fin che i POL MONDERLA” Basta ragionar CUSSI’, bisogna che ghe credene a sta AUTONOMIA… ma cossa ela po? VEO VIST come che al se à comportà LUCA in te sti do mesi de emergenza? L’à scoltà le diretive del GOVERNO ma l’à savu anca andar contro corrente e far dele ordinanze (col supporto scientifico dei MEJO DOTTORI CHE VEN QUA IN VENETO) che ne à permess do robe: LIMITAR AL NUMERO DEI MORTI, anca se i reesta tanti la podea andar veramente pezo, e de goder de un po de pi LIBERTA’ DECISIONAL quando che le robe le à comincià a andar mejo

Questa saria la vera AUTONOMIA. Al Governo al te da dee direttive e ti te decide in base a dove che te vive e te opera che norme e che leggi applicar. PUNTO. Eo tan diffizile? Varda che fea cussì anca i ROMANI quando che al so territorio l’era deventà massa grando. LA PALESTINA dove che i à copà al SIGNOR l’era governada da PILATO. SE in VAL D’AOSTA VIEN DO METRI DE NEVE, no te podarà mai ver le stesse leggi che te à in BASILICATA o in TOSCANA. Ogni region kl’à da decider par la so terra, par i so costumi, i so piatt, i so vin, le so tradizion. NO pol saver al GOVERNO CENTRAL de ROMA, fatt par la maggior parte de BUROCRATI cossa che sia bon par la LIGURIA o la PUGLIA. Savarà mejo chi che vive e lìè cressest là, come so pare, so nono e so bisnono,

Adess basta, no vui tirarla massa longa se no al BRODO SE SLONGA MASSA. Vui solche dirghe a LUCA: Grazie LUCA te si stat veramente all’altezza de un momento cussì difficile e strano, e no l’è facile tegner cont de tutt e de tutti. Ma al VENETO al riesce sempre a tirar fora al mejo quando che le robe le va pezo. Ringrazien al PADRETERNO che al te à mandà proprio quà, in te sta Tera de tante robe bele, de zent che à voja de far ben e no de ciacole.

Royal Baby is here. It’s a boy

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...
The British royal family on Buckingham Palace balcony after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. Kate wears a wedding gown by Sarah Burton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace balcony after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. Kate wears a wedding gown by Sarah Burton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by pio dal cin. Codognè 

As I predicted on my recent post the Royal Baby is Here, today, on the very first day of full Moon. July the 22nd. It’s a boy (I predicted a girl) So His Royal name is not yet known
All we know is that he was born at 4:24 pm local time and weighed 8.6 pounds in London’s Saint Mary’s Hospital. William was present for the birth

The name was not immediately announced and may not be known for up to a week.
But great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II was the first to get the news from her grandson, by encrypted phone to the palace, and just in time, too. She’s scheduled to leave on her annual vacation at her Balmoral estate inScotland at the end of this week.

Pope Francis will clean the Vatican like San Francesco

(by pio dal cin)March 15th 2013 00:18 a.m (Rome Time GMT+1) As Pope Francesco begins His Papacy with a visit to the Church of  Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome to pay respect to Mary Mother of Jesus. known to the people of Rome as

Maria Salus Populi Romani.

Pope Francesco boarded a simple car instead of the Official Vatican Car and with a simple bouquet of flowers in His hand went to the Church to pray silently for about ten minutes in front of the Altar.
His simple ways highlited here by The New York Times appeared immediate as He choose his papal name as Francesco as the Greatest Saint in the History of the Church.

Even the +Dalai Lama  made a +Google+  post to acknowledge that He knows and Loves Saint Francis of Assisi for His discipline,simple ways, and Love for All Creatures.

Being the first Pope ever to choose  such a Great Name puts Him on a very important spot. Not easy to manage.

The need for a simple Man that can embrace the Original Message of Jesus through the New Testament withnessed in person by Saint Francis of Assisi was strongly needed in a corrupted and evil world that hasn’t spared even the Vatican in the past decade.

1)Vatican Leaks
2)Pedophile Scandals in the Catholic Church
3)The IOR Vatican Bank Scandals
4)Vatican richness

He has a though job ahead of Him, but His simple ways (He greeted the crowd in St.Peter with a “Fratelli e Sorelle Buonasera”) have already conquered the world. He asked the people who gathered in the Square to Bless Him, before He would Bless them.
How many Wolves will this Pope with Italian Origins will have to encounter inside the Vatican, like

Saint Francis with the Gubbio’s Wolf (see video here)

The new Pope? Who will He be? A fool’s prediction(mine)

(by pio dal cin) March 6th 2013 11:00 pm (GMT+1)
As I red the “Washington Post” article about the”AmericanCardinals” involved in the election of the new Pope, my attention was attracted by these few lines:
Di Nardo and O’Malley drew laughs when one reporter asked O’Malley, a member of the Capuchin order, if he would continue to wear his trademark brown robes if elected pope.

“I’ve worn this uniform for over 40 years and I presume I will wear it until I die,” he said. “I don’t expect to be elected pope, so I don’t expect to have to change.”
This was the second time I heard this today: first time on the Italian National Radio. The words “Capucine” attracted my attention, as I did not know that there was an American Cardinal who wears the “saio” (the Capucine uniform) for forty years.
Whomever tries to make a prediction about who is going to be the next Pope is a fool, as there are two ways of looking at this event that is monopolizing the attention of over Five thousand accredited journalists from all over the world:
A): The Vatican is a Earthly Power made by people like you and I, owners of the most powerful bank in the world (the IOR). As any other power on this earth the election will deliver the new Pontiff as the Head of a State (The Vatican)and any name among the 115 cardinals could be the one to take St.Peter’s Legacy.
B): As seen from a Christian Catholic point of view the “Conclave” is fueled by the Holy Spirit, therefore the Chosen will be absolutely without any possibility of mistake the “Right One”.
After this any prediction is impossible. There are no ways. Probably guessing the Lotto numbers will be a lot easier.
My name is Pio. My father Narciso named me after a Capucine Saint he had the priviledge of knowing when He was an unknown Capucine Friar healing people and making “miracles.
The Church confined him without the permission to celebrate the Holy Mass, for ten long years, on the ground that He, Himself was considered “strange”. He is now a Saint; Saint Pio or better known as “Padre Pio da Petrelcina”.
I grew up in a very Christian Catholic environment and my life was filled with its simbols from my childhood. I had the opportunity of meeting two Popes in my life: the first one was John Paul the First, Albino Luciani. More than once, as He was the Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, where I grew up, and then, during a private visit of my family to the Partiarcat of Venice, where He spent his last years before becoming Pope John Paul I.
The second Pope I met was Pope John Paul II for three times as I followed him as a young photojournalist during His vacation on the Dolomites‘ town of Lorenzago.
Does this make me an expert on Popes?
Absolutely not, just another fool trying to make a prediction.
Times are hard for the Catholic Church, battling amid sex scandals and the “Vatican Leaks” files.
The need is for a strong Pope, one Captain that can take the helm of the Ship and go trough one of  Church’s worst hurricanes in history.
It is time for a Pope with the “saio” who can bring the Church back to the times of Saint Francis of Assisi, the poor friar who made a great revolution in the Church with His humble, poor ways.
Without a Pope that can rid the Vatican from all the “evils” represented by richness, golden crosses, money trades that cannot be tracked for million of Euros and all the sex scandals that have come up in the last few years, more than a Ship, it will look like the Titanic, headed for a Iceberg.
As a Fool prediction I will pick Cardinal O’Malley, hoping that if He gets elected He will keep wearing the “saio” for the next forty years, but this time as a Pope, making the “B” option above more credible.


Politica e futuro

Previsioni sulla politica italiana per il futuro:
Il pdl verra’ sciolto e ritorneranno a formarsi i partiti che lo hanno composto, rivendicando la loro autonomia e andando a creare nuovi poli che andranno ad allearsi a comporre nuove alleanze. La Lega si scindera’ in due o piu’ correnti altrimenti e’ destinata a perdere ben piu’ consensi, vista l’impopolarita’ di certe decisioni come quella dei ministeri al Nord che non servono assolutamente a niente rispetto ai problemi concreti della gente. Maroni diventera’ il nuovo leader del carroccio e forse anche il nuovo primo ministro del dopo berlusconi. Gli Italiani chiederanno un referendum per abrogare le ricche paghe dei parlamentari ed i loro privilegi.La sinistra privata del suo bersaglio preferito berluscono continuera’ ad arrovellarsi cercando un programma vero per governare con i suoi “dinosauri” senza riuscirci e trovera’ un nuovo bersaglio sul quale scaricare le sue frustrazioni. Grillo continuera’ a cavalcare il malcontento “monetizzando” con i banners del suo cliccatissimo blog. Infine i tre moschettieri del terzo polo continueranno a voltarsi ora a destra ora a sinistra a seconda di come tira il vento, come sono soliti a fare i voltagabbana, e in tutto questo baillame a rimetterci, come sempre saranno i poveri pensionati, i disoccupati, i cassintegrati, i giovani in cerca di lavoro per pagare un mutuo che petmetta loro di farsi una famiglia, mentre chiedendo enormi sacrifici al popolo, i parlamemtari continueranno a vivere come nababbi con le loro pensioni d’oro e le loro paghe stratosferiche, poiche’ alla fine, troveranno il sistema per non fare il referendum di cui sopra

Omicidio stradale qualcosa si muove

L’agenzia parlamentare ha diffuso questo videoGuarda questo video su YouTube:

Sembra che finalmente qualcosa si stia muovendo in campo legislativo per impedire che chi uccide in strada sotto effetto di alcol o droghe o per bullismo stradale venga punito con il reato di omicidio stradale che di fatto aumenterebbe i deterrenti per chi vuole mettersi alla guida in tale condizioni. Lo avevamo auspicato anche noi su Facebook aprendo un gruppo “basta patenti a chi ha gia’ ucciso sulla strada” che ha raccolto lo sfogo di cittadini stanchi di una situazione che dev’essere cambiata al piu’ presto. In Italia muoiono in media circa 4000 persone OGNI ANNO. Se questa non e’ guerra……forse sarebbe meglio impegare l’esercito sulle strade Italiane invece che in Afganistan