Pope Francis will clean the Vatican like San Francesco

MAR 15 Pope Francis will clean the Vatican like San Francesco (by pio dal cin)March 15th 2013 00:18 a.m (Rome Time GMT+1) … Altro

New Pope O’Malley Cardinal with “what it takes” (a plea to the Holy Spirit)

MAR 9 New Pope O’Malley Cardinal with “what it takes” (by pio dal cin) Saturday March 9th 2013 7:00 Rome … Altro

WordPress or Blogger which is best for SEO? (video) from GoogleWebmaster

Published on Mar 5, 2013 I’ve used Blogger for 3 years, but now everyone tells me that WordPress is superior for … Altro

Maroni Presidente della Lombardia un umile consiglio

FEB 27 Maroni Presidente della Lombardia un umile consiglio (by pio dal cin) Il monento difficile che stiamo attraversando politicamente … Altro

To all corrupted politicians in Italy. On your last day, you’ll regret your behaviour

(by pio dal cin) To all the corrupted politicians out there. Listen to the voices of the People of Italy … Altro

Elezioni 2013 Ecco i primi risultati- Italian Elections 2013 here the first results

 (by pio dal cin) These should be the first results from the Elections in Italy as Grillo is expected to … Altro

From the Archives: George Washington Writes in the Margins

From the Archives: George Washington Writes in the Margins PrevNext SHARE THIS GALLERY Last month, President Obama began his second Inaugural … Altro

Hangout on G+ with Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (Youtube video)

    FEB 15 Hangout on G+ with Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (by pio dal cin) February 15th 2013 10:23 pm. What … Altro

Obama President Obama G+ Hangout Screenshots

Obama President Obama G+ Hangout Screenshots pio dal cin 12:03 AM  –  Public +Google+  hosted the third Hangout with President +Barack Obama  from the +The White … Altro

Dorner Killed by SWAT team

Dorner Killed by SWAT team The LAPD SWAT was the first in the United States. (Photo credit:Wikipedia) (by pio dal … Altro

Fugitive ex LAPD cop exchanged gunfire with police.Two injured.

The fugitive ex-LAPD cop suspected of killing three and declaring war on the force exchanged gunfire with authorities in the … Altro

President Obama Holding a Google+ Hangout on thursday

http://www.fastcompany.com/3005720/fast-feed/president-obama-holding-google-hangout President Obama Holding Google+ Hangout BY NEAL UNGERLEIDER | FEBRUARY 11, 2013 President Obama will answer questions about the 2013 … Altro

Google Pages can now follow anyone

http://www.googleplusdaily.com/2013/02/update-google-pages-can-now-follow.html#.URZLJKVdPJI Google Plus Daily (www.googleplusdaily.com) brings us this great update on G+ pages #googleplusupdate #googlepages #googleplus   Update: Google+ Pages … Altro

Stadium goes wild for so0ldier’s surprise

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