Online Newspaper opens to everyone


So your dream was  to be a journalist? Dream no more, here is your chance. This Facebook group is a “virtual newspaper ” where everyone is made administrator upon entering his/her subscription, thus making the member a “virtual editor” of this first online newspaper for GOOD NEWS ONLY.

The number one requirement is to write only POSITIVE NEWS .

The other rules are:




Anyone who will not obey the rules will be sent a personal e-mail  and if content is not removed he will be asked to leave the group.

The idea of this “newspaper” came to me from the urge of having a  virtual place where one can rest his/her mind reading positive news and links. Also to have a content that is friendly to the younger readers without worrying for adult content ( as a parent I value this as something really important) so that even the young members of Facebook can interact with the “journal” without having to worry about bad content.

The languages used is English, Italian and Italian’s dialect, for the group was founded here by me in Italy.

Welcome to all. Join today. It’s absolutely FREE!/group.php?gid=110274095650810&ref=nf

Why are most of bloggers fat?

Are you not? Great! Good for you… I am a fat, obese blogger. Why? Because like most of us we like to use our brains and fingers more than ABS or running gear isn’t it ?

Akita Inu Dangerous reality different from movie

I’m tired of reading comments about the fact that if a dog is aggressive is not the dog’s fault but is the owner that should be trained and spanked instead…ok ok.. but think for a second more:

What if a certain breed carried a seed of insanity or genetic problem that could be common among the dogs who belong to that breed?

This question puzzled my mind as I was buring my beloved dog “Pulce” after she was brutally attacked by the male Akita of my next door neighbour.

It was the second time.

The first time, two years before, my brother’s dog “Arthur” was litteraly devoured by the two Akitas after they “sucked him on their side of the fence”.

A total of four attacks occoured on my property, perpetrated by those “killer Akitas” on two more separate attacks, my sister’s dog “Chicca” barely made it alive after two months of suffering in a nearby clinic, after the two attacked her upon escaping from the fence of my neighbour.

Here is the post I wrote when the facts happened with the pictures of Pulce and Atrhur :

I received many emails telling me that probably wasn’t the dog’s fault but it was the owner’s.

So I ran a research on the Internet which can be done easily by anybody, and found out that:

1) Akita Inu were used by Japanese Emperors in the 18th Century for hunting Bears.

2) Not happy with their agressivness, the Japanese mixed the Akita Inu Breed with another  breed used for dog-fighting.

3) A Rabies pandemic spread through Japan involving the new bred Akita dogs, and their total suppression was ordered for security reasons. Obviously it failed a few thousand and the Akitas that we love now in the movies could be the grand-grand  children of those aggressive dogs.


Please don’t. Consult any veterinarian and ask them what they think of Akitas.

Those Dogs are aggressive by genetic trasformation, and nobody is going to make me chance my mind. I swear it on the grave of those two beloved dogs that I loved so much and I have lost to the fury of two AKITA INU.

Reporters having a hard time video fun

A sure way to successfully find the “G” point

Just enter the word “G point” on yoiur favourite search engine and press “Enter”