Paris Attack leaves 140 bodies.Six terrorists killed.


Paris Attack leaves 140 bodies.Six terrorists killed, 

The Tour Eiffel’s lights have been shut down as a sign of mourning for the ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY people are dead in seven separate terrorist attack in the French Capital tonight. It all started around 9 pm (local time) when a Kamikaze killed forty people blowing himself up at the stadium where a Soccer game was being played. The French  president himself was at the game and was quickly evacuated. Later at a concert hall (the BATACLAN) there were about 1500 people inside. 100 (updated to 118 now) of them were killed by three terrorists that attacked with automatic weapons, taking about 60 hostages. The security forces stormed the place around midnight (local time) and managed to free at least twenty hostages. Two of the three terrorists were killed and one seems to have been taken alive. (update: all three were killed) French President Holland in a dramatic TV announcement declared the state of emergency and sealed off all frontier. The defense council has been summoned for tomorrow. All museums and public places will be closed tomorrow. This video (Raw) shows the moments of the attack at the concert hall

United Europe of Shame give up your Peace Noble Price

Yesterday I had the chance to interview the Governor of Veneto doctor Luca Zaia.0634c-img_0724

When I asked him about the actual refugees crisis in Europe he said: “Europe should give up the Nobel Prize”. The words he said sounded a bit harsh, but today when I turned on the news and saw what happened today at the border between Hungary and Serbia I have to admit that he was right. He is right: Europe indeed should give up the Nobel Prize. This is what was written in 2012 when Europe received it “The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 was awarded to European Union (EU)“for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”.


Take the time to watch the news coming from Hungary and you will see that “advancement of peace” does not live in Europe,nor does “democracy and human rights”.

If a Country calls itself UNITED it shouldn’t be just over “spread and banking issues” but it should be able to handle International emergencies as ONE. We are assistint to a TOTAL FAILURE of the EUROPEAN UNION as a body capable of delivering a UNITED POLICY when something like this Biblical Exodus is happening. It may not be easy I agree, but when ITALY and GREECE are left alone for years to deal with the emergency and only a few years and 400K refugees later Madame Merkel wakes up because a photographer publishes a photo od a three years old baby dead on the beach.

Today, after Hungary (that has suffered the claw of Comunisms for many years) finished building the barbed wire’s wall and attacked the refugees pushing at its border with tear gas and water cannons, and annouces the display of Humvees with machines guns at the borders with Serbia, Croatia announces that the refugeees can go through the Country (but be careful of the land mines on the fields) Over Three Thousand immigrants have perished in the Mediterranean in 2014. How many have still to suffer before the CRAZINESS ends?

a-kosovo-man-carries-his fence_at_the_bulgarian-turkish_border2

EUROPE must take an UNITED stand as soon as possible if it wants to continue calling itself UNITED or else give up a name that doesn’t reflect the actions that it is taking to give these people the hope they need to continue on with their lives in Countries that are often responsible for what is happening where people are escaping from.

France and England are very fast to summon talks when the matter is of money and banks. They close their borders (in spite of the Schengen Treaty) and they washed their hands like modern time Pilat.

Countries who adopt hard measures against people escaping from war should be banned from being called EUROPEAN and France, England and Hungary should belong to something else. I have nothing else to add but “I do not consider myself European anymore because I feel ashamed to belong to such a disgraceful array of useless Countries” I was born in Italy. I will proudly condider myself Italian because we have accepted many of these desperate people long before the International Community started to even care about them”

I will not call myself an EUROPEAN until Countries like Hungary fire tear gas against people escaping from wars or if they are thrown out, ALONG with ENGLAND and FRANCE. Shame on you.

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