Blab Photos of Blabbers Blabbing from every corner of the World

If You have beeb blabbing chances are that you may be on these pictures. I have been on just for one week but this new video chat platform connected with your +Twitter  handle seems to be the craze of the moment. The secret must be its simplicity and the fact that there are very few things you have to know about videochatting in order to participate actively. +Mike Downes  and I go a long way back to the very beginning of +Google+  #Hangouts in 2011. Today we aren’t hanging out as much as we did when the videochatting platform was  launched. The reasons may be many. Today we are happy about this new platform and the success that is having shows that there is always need for something new on the Web and people are really willing to hop in and try something that is well done and simple to use. +Team Blab  is doing a great job, and I’m pretty sure these are days of bug squashing, pints of coffee drinking,few hours a day sleeping, wghile sorting all the suggestions coming in from everyone. My suggestion is to keep it simple. There are a couple of features I would love to see if I may suggest: A) An invite button, so that I could invite my friends over to my chat on Blab. B) a sound annoucing when someone wants in the room. In a multitasking world it would be very helpful.C) the possibility of screen sharing. (It could be a fifth window where anyone could share their photos or links, or desktops. That is all. I am a  street photographer This is my collection on G+ so I will keep taking screenshots of Blabbers blabbing from all over the world. You can find me onFacebook Google Plus Twitter Pinterest

Samantha Cristoforetti and I (video interview on G+ 2013)

Here is the QR code with the interview and the translation of the interview in Russian Chinese, Japanese and Italian. The video is subtitled in Italian

28487-samantha2bcristoforetti2bintervista IN ENGLISH:

На русском языке:





Google Glass partners with Italian Luxottica for quality

Image representing Google Glass as depicted in...
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Luxottica for Tiffany
Luxottica for Tiffany (Photo credit: California Bakery)

(by pio dal cin) Google Inc. Real Time Stock Quotes $1158.72 * 0.79 ha stretto ieri una partnership con la Veneta Luxottica brands che impiegherà la sua decennale esperienza nel campo dell’occhiale per creare un prodotto di classe da lanciare quanto prima nel mercato internazionale.

Luxottica on Wall street + 5% ha guadagnato oggi

«Siamo entusiasti di questa partnership e orgogliosi di essere ancora una volta i pionieri nell’industria dell’eyewear», ha commentato Andrea Guerra, Ceo del gruppo italiano quotato anche a Wall Street.”


The news has travelled fast on the web as the two companies announced their partnership. As you can read Here on Forbes


In the meantime, Hotel Conta Pieve di Soligo Veneto Italy becomes the first hotel in the world to offer a free night to guests wearing the google glass, known as “Glassexplorers”. Read details here




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Google Plus Song on You Tube (I’m a G+)

Google Plus logo
Image by Bruce Clay, Inc via Flickr


Google Plus Song on You Tube (I’m a G+)

Google plus circle- How to make them work for you (

Google Plus logo
Image by Bruce Clay, Inc via Flickr         Google plus circle- How to make them work for you (