The “Dude” (From my book my adventurous, wonderful life)

Chapter One


I wasn’t considering myself a new Mother Theresa or a Ghandi but if my word could make a passenger feel better..i never backed off.

I rolled the window down all the way.

South Florida evenings…i thought. that warm wind blowing inside, sucking the air conditioning out of the Dude’s cab like a straw.. I enjoyed the temperature in the late evening as I did at night, driving with my windows down.
The Dude was addicted to the air conditioning.

What are you doing man?
You know that i don’t like the ac Dude…it makes me sick…it makes you sick too..
can’t we just enjoy tthe breeze for awhile?
Ok man sice you broke your arm i’ll forgive you.
Dude, look at the finger of my broken arm…can you read between the lines?

We reached Fletcher Street and turned left from US1 just before the Hollywood Dog Track.
Our apt was just two block east and was quiet as usual.
Irwin parked the Chevy on the grass and we went inside greeted by the Girl who was laying in the front door as usual waiting for my return as a good friend.

Just before i fell from the bike, I was meditating on my life as a cabdriver and the outcome wasn’t that good.
I was still single at the age of 41, I only had about 5 thousand dollars saved up for the rainy days  and i didn’t know where my life was taking me , as if it was a small sail-boat adrifted in a tropical storm.
No. I wasn’t happy. I needed a change.
As this thought entered my mind I found myself flying and falling abruptly on the concrete smashing my arm and hand under my 180 pounds.
The pain was terrible.

Now, when i think back of that day I see it as if the destiny had set up a date for my ass.
I complained about my status and my conditions and I fell from my bike as if a Giant’s Hand had decided to take control over my ragged life and give it a twist.
Not only one twist though but three…in the same day.

As i reached home, the Landlady rang my bell

Hi pio

Hi Marylin what’s new?

Hey…!! What happened to your arm? (i told her the whole story)

Oh I’m so sorry. I have one bad news for you.

Hit me!

You going to have to leave the apartment in a month…i sold the house.

Oh great…no problem..i’ll manage…
The third blow came over the phone.

This is the yellow cab Pio in?


We found out what was wrong with the cab you brought in today…


You Blew the engine…so either you come up with 2500$ or you are out?

2500$? I blew the engine? what are you talking about? Let me speak to Mike the supervisor.



Is this some kind of a joke?

No Pio it’s all true and there is nothing I can do about…either you pay or you’re out…


Goodbye I got to go.

I hung up and crashed on the bed.
That was my really lucky day  I thought… the bike accident.Lost the apt.Lost my job.
All in the same day.
I looked at the ceiling fan rotating over my head,trying to see a clear solution out of this mess while the Dude was nervously going back and forth from the chitcken to the bedroom smoking a joint and complaining loudly about the fact that we had to look for a new place.
I hit the “pause” button on him. So he was talking and talking but I wasn’t really listening at all, trying to see clear trough that mess I wasn’t helped either by his talking,neither from the pain biting my arm now that the painkiller they gave me at the hospital was losing its effect.

I saw the Dude coming towards me talking but it was like on the TV when you press the “mute” I wasn’t hearing a word he was saying but I saw the hand with the joint coming my way  Dude.You know I don’t smoke when I have to drive you know…

Well you ain’t driving Pio are you?

You are right Dude.

So I took a couple of hits from the sweet grass and fell back on my back. Ten  minutes later, after i took the second paikiller for the day I fell asleep like a baby.