Giancarlo Giannini strepitoso a Conegliano


Grazie Giancarlo Giannini a Conegliano Veneto

Una grande pagina di teatro è stata scritta quasi in silenzio questa sera a Conegliano, al Teatro Accademia di Giorgio Fabris.

Quasi in silenzio perchè, in punta dei piedi il mostro sacro della recitazione, l’artista, il più bravo attore che l’Italia annovera tra le folte fila di coloro che amano questo mestiere, ha saputo regalare ad un teatro stracolmo di gente un esempio unico di come si reciti una poesia.

Coadiuvato da due musicisti il Maestro Giancarlo Giannini ha declamato Dante, Petrarca, Ungaretti, Pasolini, Prevert, Shakespeare, D’Annunzio, Neruda ,Lorca e molti altri con un pathos e una capacità espressiva che appartiene solo a pochi bravi attori.

Personalmente ho apprezzato moltissimo l’Amleto, recitato in maniera impeccabile. Giancarlo Giannini è apparso in ottima forma e ha veramente regalato al pubblico una di quelle serate indimenticabili che sono destinate a rimanere delle perle da riscoprire di tanto in tanto per gustare quello che è il vero, il genuino teatro di cui ognuno di noi ha bisogno.

Photo copyright °piodalcin 2016

Blab Photos of Blabbers Blabbing from every corner of the World

If You have beeb blabbing chances are that you may be on these pictures. I have been on just for one week but this new video chat platform connected with your +Twitter  handle seems to be the craze of the moment. The secret must be its simplicity and the fact that there are very few things you have to know about videochatting in order to participate actively. +Mike Downes  and I go a long way back to the very beginning of +Google+  #Hangouts in 2011. Today we aren’t hanging out as much as we did when the videochatting platform was  launched. The reasons may be many. Today we are happy about this new platform and the success that is having shows that there is always need for something new on the Web and people are really willing to hop in and try something that is well done and simple to use. +Team Blab  is doing a great job, and I’m pretty sure these are days of bug squashing, pints of coffee drinking,few hours a day sleeping, wghile sorting all the suggestions coming in from everyone. My suggestion is to keep it simple. There are a couple of features I would love to see if I may suggest: A) An invite button, so that I could invite my friends over to my chat on Blab. B) a sound annoucing when someone wants in the room. In a multitasking world it would be very helpful.C) the possibility of screen sharing. (It could be a fifth window where anyone could share their photos or links, or desktops. That is all. I am a  street photographer This is my collection on G+ so I will keep taking screenshots of Blabbers blabbing from all over the world. You can find me onFacebook Google Plus Twitter Pinterest

Alpini Raduno 2014. “Angeli co na penna sola, operai del Padreterno” Poesia in dialetto Veneto


Alpini Raduno 2014 “Angeli co na penna sola- Operai del Padreterno” una poesia in dialetto Veneto

(by pio dal cin)  Dedicato a tutti gli Alpini che tanto hanno fatto e continuano a fare con grande solidarietà, senza cercare compensi o gratificazioni, stipendi e pensioni d’oro, ma solamente per aiutare i più deboli, coloro che hanno bisogno e chiunque chieda un aiuto concreto (meditate politici corrotti, meditate).

“In dialetto Veneto” Poesia scritta da pio dal cin (tutti i diritti riservati. la riproduzione anche parziale senza l’esplicito consenso dell’autore è proibita)

Aveo mai pensà che bruta che saria l’Italia se no ghe fosse quei Angeli che se trova solche quà in Italia
e da nessuna altra parte del mondo?. 

Angeli sempre pronti a dir de si a chiunque sie in dificoltà,
vizin o lontan in Italia come all’estero,
che no i è boni de dirghe de no a nissun,
e in silenzio, composti e in
ordine i riesce a portar al sorriso in tel viso de chi che sofre
o a render una zornada bruta in te una
bela co la so allegria.

Proprio  lori si,  i NOSTRI CARI ALPINI. . 

Son sicuro che un dì, el Padreterno al se à svejà e l’à vardà al mondo accorzendose che in effetti si, al
vea mandà zo tanti Angeli par aiutar la zent in dificoltà,
ma che par varie rason, (vacanza, malatia o
tanti Angeli no i era pì disponibili e po, la popolazion l’era cressuda e l’era bisogno de
“assumerghen” de novi. 

Allora ga à vegnest proprio na bela idea…
Inveze de mandar zo i soliti Angeli

co le ale, l’à pensà de farghe far al lavoro ai ALPINI,  
e par farghe capir ala zent
che i era si Omeni,
ma col cuor grando come quel de un ANGELO, al ghe à assà na PENNA SUL CAPPEL 
cussì che la zent la sepie riconoserli a prima vista sti novi “OPERAI DEL PADRETERNO”.

E se come che dise el Vangelo “Dai frutti riconoscerete l’Albero…” Allora poden veramente dir:
“Signor te ringrazien par questi Meravigliosi, Instancabili, Generosi, Inimitabili ALBERI che sono
I NOSTRI ALPINI” (copyright ° pio dal cin -riproduzione vietata, anche parzialmente-autorizzazione a pubblicare chiedere via email: 

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A true dog story.The Girl and I

When I rented the small apartment on Fifthteen Avenue and Fletcher Street in Hollywood Florida I did not know that I would have met a great friend there.

I had just moved back from Los Angeles a few weeks before. I didn’t like L.A.Too big too strange,too many earthquakes. I thought I was better off with hurricanes, at least I knew when they were coming. I had driven a cab before in the  Hollywood-Ft.Lauderdale area so , as the new Winter season approached I moved back to Florida and went back to drive a taxi.

She was laying on the floor with a sad look in her eyes like only dogs can have; she didn’t look happy at all. Randy was Marylin’s ten years’ old son and they were living in the main house.

A door in the front yard and one in the back. From the back door there was the entrance to my apartment and “Andy” was always staying there, with that sad look in her eyes. I soon realized why. Randy got a new puppy, he must have been trhee or four months old. He was jumping up and down like puppies do all the time, licking faces and stumbling on water containers, barking for no reasons at ants or roaches or lizards.Andy was sad because all of Randy’s attention was now focused on that hyper dog that was responding to him as he excpected.

“You have got a new dog I see..”

“ like him?”

“I do!” I love dogs, but what about Andy over there” I said pointing at the black Labrador with the sad look”

“Oh ,she is old, and blind.that is why I got him”

I approached Andy and saw that white look that a dog and a human get on their pupil when they are blind. I massaged  her slowly in the neck .

“How long has she been like this?”

“Two years  now” ”

I noticed that when Randy spoke, the fourteen years old Labrador turned her head towards the voice as if she was asking for some of that love that she needed so badly and was only granted to the new entry.

“She still loves you Randy”

“Yes, I know, but she’s old and blind”

I would have loved to grab the scumbag by the balls and lift him up in the air. I did nothing of course but kept rubbbing Andy’s neck.

“Good girl,good girl”

“We are going to put her to sleep later on today”

I almost fell backwards

“What? Why?”

“We are going to New Jersey for a week and there is no way we’ll take two dogs up there, know she’s blind” I looked at him with a mix of compassion and the urgent desire to kick him and teach him a lesson.

Then I realized that he would have never understood anyhow.

That was the way he was.

He was ten and considered the dog some kind of a toy.

The toy was broken.The toy was quickly replaced.

Nobody could have ever taught him what he needed to know about dogs. I considered myself lucky to have had so many dogs since I was a kid. I cannot remember a single year of my life when I lived without a dog. Big or small, full breed or mixed, male or female. When they died I cried for days and they taught me in my childhood that life is short, they taught me that it is good to cry to let it out, to feel better once the “horse of pain” stops running somehow you realize that life goes on and you will remember that friend you lost and place him in a very special room in your heart forever.

There was no way I’d let that dog being put to sleep.I went to the front door and rang the bell. Randy had left in the meantime with the puppy jumping up and down as they disappeared from the alley.

Marylin opened the door with the phone on her hand.

She was talking about the  old labrador, the toy that was broken. I told her

” I want to adopt the Girl”

“Andy you mean?” She said putting the phone down as the conversation ended.

“I guess you’re a bit too late, they are coming as we speak”

“No no. Marylin.Call them back. I will take care of that dog. no killing please”

“Are you sure? She is blind, fourteen years old, she doesn’t have much time left.”

” I know, I heard the story from that stupid son of yours” I wanted to say , but  I just settled for :”Please,let me take her in with me”

“Ok.Ill call them back.She’s all  yours”

“Thanks Marylin you have just made me happy” I went to the back door and there she was, standing on the entrance,waiting for Randy to come back. I sat by her and started rubbing her back “Good girl,good girl” We soon started our relationship.

During the following days, weeks months Girl and I became good friends. She learned how to go about the apt without bumping her head everywhere.

Iwould  share my best food with her. I treated her like a queen. The time came where I had to go back to Italy,and  I could not leave her behind. I organized myself into taking her with me on the plane.It wasn’t easy but she eventually made it through the ordeal of an eight hours flight. It took her about a week to recuperate her strenght when I got home to Italy. Two years later, after I adopted her, on a rainy night, the Girl wandered outside the house.

I though she went out for a nature call so I did not mind following her outside. She did that many times.

That night  it was raining hard and  and she must have lost her bearings. She crossed the street. An hour later I went to check if she was ok. Found her on the other side of the highway. She was dead. I never cried so much for a dog in my life like I did for Girl. It took me a long time to get over it. Only today, sixteen years later I decided to share her and my story, after Im got my daughter a female labrador,Lola, just to show her how great these dogs can be.I consider dogs to be Angels, sent from above o teach us the laws of living wisely, as we lost them a long time ago and  they still have in their DNA




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Priest sings Halleluja at wedding and makes it viral on the web

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Gmail Problem All my mail Erased in a minute

(by pio dal cin) I was cleaning up my trash yesterday inside Gmail as I often do. I did and went back to my “All mail” folder to find out that there wasn’t a single piece of email left there: gone, erased, vaporized in one second. What happened? I closed all my tabs, rebooted the computer and tried to enter my Gmail from another browser. Nada. I checked in from another computer. Zip.

To make a long story short, from the beginning of time till today, not one single email was spared from the “eraser”.

I begun thinking at all the things I did before this happened. I was deleting my trash folder, I wasn’t even touching the others. This is kind of insane.

I always trusted Gmail and often suggested my friends who were not using it to start doing so, as, I told them “Gmail is the best email system around” They improved a lot in the past two years and I was enjoying the experience they provided specially with spam control.

Now I try to think and find out what happened to all my precious emails and the nightmare of not being capable of retreiving them. Too bad so sad.

Perhaps I did something I wasn’t supposed to do? If I did though, should not be there a system preventing someone who is not tech inclined like my grandmother from erasing ALL the MAIL in one second?

I feel really depressed about this and I sent my feedback to the +Google+  and +Google  people including the +Gmail  managers, but I doubt that my emails will be found.

I tought I wrote this to warn all +Gmail  users to be really careful. If this has happened to me it can also happen to you, so BE CAREFUL, losing ALL YOUR MAIL IS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. 

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Pope Francis will clean the Vatican like San Francesco

(by pio dal cin)March 15th 2013 00:18 a.m (Rome Time GMT+1) As Pope Francesco begins His Papacy with a visit to the Church of  Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome to pay respect to Mary Mother of Jesus. known to the people of Rome as

Maria Salus Populi Romani.

Pope Francesco boarded a simple car instead of the Official Vatican Car and with a simple bouquet of flowers in His hand went to the Church to pray silently for about ten minutes in front of the Altar.
His simple ways highlited here by The New York Times appeared immediate as He choose his papal name as Francesco as the Greatest Saint in the History of the Church.

Even the +Dalai Lama  made a +Google+  post to acknowledge that He knows and Loves Saint Francis of Assisi for His discipline,simple ways, and Love for All Creatures.

Being the first Pope ever to choose  such a Great Name puts Him on a very important spot. Not easy to manage.

The need for a simple Man that can embrace the Original Message of Jesus through the New Testament withnessed in person by Saint Francis of Assisi was strongly needed in a corrupted and evil world that hasn’t spared even the Vatican in the past decade.

1)Vatican Leaks
2)Pedophile Scandals in the Catholic Church
3)The IOR Vatican Bank Scandals
4)Vatican richness

He has a though job ahead of Him, but His simple ways (He greeted the crowd in St.Peter with a “Fratelli e Sorelle Buonasera”) have already conquered the world. He asked the people who gathered in the Square to Bless Him, before He would Bless them.
How many Wolves will this Pope with Italian Origins will have to encounter inside the Vatican, like

Saint Francis with the Gubbio’s Wolf (see video here)

The new Pope? Who will He be? A fool’s prediction(mine)

(by pio dal cin) March 6th 2013 11:00 pm (GMT+1)
As I red the “Washington Post” article about the”AmericanCardinals” involved in the election of the new Pope, my attention was attracted by these few lines:
Di Nardo and O’Malley drew laughs when one reporter asked O’Malley, a member of the Capuchin order, if he would continue to wear his trademark brown robes if elected pope.

“I’ve worn this uniform for over 40 years and I presume I will wear it until I die,” he said. “I don’t expect to be elected pope, so I don’t expect to have to change.”
This was the second time I heard this today: first time on the Italian National Radio. The words “Capucine” attracted my attention, as I did not know that there was an American Cardinal who wears the “saio” (the Capucine uniform) for forty years.
Whomever tries to make a prediction about who is going to be the next Pope is a fool, as there are two ways of looking at this event that is monopolizing the attention of over Five thousand accredited journalists from all over the world:
A): The Vatican is a Earthly Power made by people like you and I, owners of the most powerful bank in the world (the IOR). As any other power on this earth the election will deliver the new Pontiff as the Head of a State (The Vatican)and any name among the 115 cardinals could be the one to take St.Peter’s Legacy.
B): As seen from a Christian Catholic point of view the “Conclave” is fueled by the Holy Spirit, therefore the Chosen will be absolutely without any possibility of mistake the “Right One”.
After this any prediction is impossible. There are no ways. Probably guessing the Lotto numbers will be a lot easier.
My name is Pio. My father Narciso named me after a Capucine Saint he had the priviledge of knowing when He was an unknown Capucine Friar healing people and making “miracles.
The Church confined him without the permission to celebrate the Holy Mass, for ten long years, on the ground that He, Himself was considered “strange”. He is now a Saint; Saint Pio or better known as “Padre Pio da Petrelcina”.
I grew up in a very Christian Catholic environment and my life was filled with its simbols from my childhood. I had the opportunity of meeting two Popes in my life: the first one was John Paul the First, Albino Luciani. More than once, as He was the Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, where I grew up, and then, during a private visit of my family to the Partiarcat of Venice, where He spent his last years before becoming Pope John Paul I.
The second Pope I met was Pope John Paul II for three times as I followed him as a young photojournalist during His vacation on the Dolomites‘ town of Lorenzago.
Does this make me an expert on Popes?
Absolutely not, just another fool trying to make a prediction.
Times are hard for the Catholic Church, battling amid sex scandals and the “Vatican Leaks” files.
The need is for a strong Pope, one Captain that can take the helm of the Ship and go trough one of  Church’s worst hurricanes in history.
It is time for a Pope with the “saio” who can bring the Church back to the times of Saint Francis of Assisi, the poor friar who made a great revolution in the Church with His humble, poor ways.
Without a Pope that can rid the Vatican from all the “evils” represented by richness, golden crosses, money trades that cannot be tracked for million of Euros and all the sex scandals that have come up in the last few years, more than a Ship, it will look like the Titanic, headed for a Iceberg.
As a Fool prediction I will pick Cardinal O’Malley, hoping that if He gets elected He will keep wearing the “saio” for the next forty years, but this time as a Pope, making the “B” option above more credible.


WordPress or Blogger which is best for SEO? (video) from GoogleWebmaster

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Published on Mar 5, 2013

I’ve used Blogger for 3 years, but now everyone tells me that WordPress is superior for SEO. After scouring many sites, I’ve been unable to find the SEO advantages to using Blogger – are there any?

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