Christo makes waves again

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We have all heard aboutThe Floating Piers on Lake Iseo  On Saturday the 18th I knew that the opening to the public would take place. News about  a possible opening at midnight had people sleeping by the lake waiting for the magic moment in which the first step was about to be set on the project.

I live in a small town near Venice and I calculated that  the distance onGoogle Mapsand in particular  Sulzano (where the Piers started) was at about 260 km. A three hours drive.

I decided that, if I wanted to be there in time for the opening ( around seven in the morning) I had to get my ass up at 2.30 am. I arrived in Sulzano at 5:30, no stops in between.

At 7:00 am there were some workers by the gates and they removed the locks that kept the people outside.

                 workers removing the locks from the gates from the Montisola’s entrance


All the locks were removed by 7:40 and the signal came via radio to let the people in.

These were the first people to set foot on the piers on the Montisola  side


My journey on the Pier had just begun. It was very exciting to be there and being able to set my foot on Christo’s creation. I walked the whole three kilometers on the Piers, taking photos and trying to elaborate  all the emotions that came with the walking , and it felt like this:

Imagine to be on an over inflated water bed. Your feet bouncing back as they step on it and the whole structure floating lightly under the lakes’ waves.

After a few minutes I concentrated my attention in trying to capture the people and their expressions as they were walking along with me through that orange snake that was unfolding in the very middle of the lake leading to the San Paolo Island (Berretta Family)


I had the chance of meeting Christo and his wife Jeanne Claude in 1983 in Florida, during the making of Surrounded Island in Miami Beach I wanted to close a circle that opened my heart and my eyes to this form of art that today, as in 1983, is having people criticizing his work.

In Italy, critics like Vittorio Sgarbi and Phillippe D’Averio that are considered of being two of the best Art’s critics in the Country, have said that “This is not Art” that “It looks like a big circus”. Sgarbi suggested that Christo made his project so that people could walk into parts of the lake where there are some cultural spots that deserve to be visited.

The count of the people who walked on water today was at 660.000, and I’m sure that most of them would like to share their impressions in positive.


Here we go again. Two sides. Some will understand the project and love it. Others will consider it as trash, or something they don’t understand. It isn’t easy to enter in Christo’s head, but if you look at his past projects you’ll come to the conclusion that this form of Art is a way of the artist to point the finger into a certain direction and tell the people to look and learn. Look and understand your territory, the places around you are magic if you have the capability of observing what is around you instead of just looking. Making his project touchable was the real genius of Christo. You walk on it, you cross the lake into a structure that is as effimeral as a butterfly’s life; two weeks and then…. back to reality, back to the old to and fro, back to your daily routine. The dream built by the Bulgarian- American artist was meant to be as it is. A wake up call to the people who do not understand why he and his wife Jeanne Claude (who passed away in 2009) like to wrap monuments, coasts , churches, museums, and public places. 

He was the first ever artist in the history to come up with such an innovative idea, now his projects are well known around the world.

The wild will of being an innovator, the perception of being an artist who really can “make waves” in the hearts of people, and in this case also physically. A true genius of our times to whom I bow my head and say :”Chapeau”, nice job dude. 





Christo opens the gates of Floating Piers

The waiting line to get the thrill  on how it feels to  “walk on water” is about one hour. Yesterday at 7:40 am the gates were finally open. I was one of the lucky to be among the first to step on the “Floating Piers” the new Christo’s installation on the Iseo Lake in the Nord Italy region of Lombardy . The three chilometers (1.9 miles) strut over the orange piers attracted thousands of people who walken, took selfies, tried the barefoot sensation suggested by Christo himself.

The sensation is to walk over a well inflated “water bed” that moves with the small lake’s waves. The structure is wide enough to allow center walking without the danger of falling into the lake, given the fact that there are not protections on the side.

An army of 600 helpers dressed in blue and orange from around the world provided the security of the piers while distributing pieces of the fabric as a souvenir. It will remain open to the public and absolutely free until July 3rd . Lake iseo is located at 200 chilometers from Venice and 100 chilometers from Milano    OK

United Europe of Shame give up your Peace Noble Price

Yesterday I had the chance to interview the Governor of Veneto doctor Luca Zaia.0634c-img_0724

When I asked him about the actual refugees crisis in Europe he said: “Europe should give up the Nobel Prize”. The words he said sounded a bit harsh, but today when I turned on the news and saw what happened today at the border between Hungary and Serbia I have to admit that he was right. He is right: Europe indeed should give up the Nobel Prize. This is what was written in 2012 when Europe received it “The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 was awarded to European Union (EU)“for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”.


Take the time to watch the news coming from Hungary and you will see that “advancement of peace” does not live in Europe,nor does “democracy and human rights”.

If a Country calls itself UNITED it shouldn’t be just over “spread and banking issues” but it should be able to handle International emergencies as ONE. We are assistint to a TOTAL FAILURE of the EUROPEAN UNION as a body capable of delivering a UNITED POLICY when something like this Biblical Exodus is happening. It may not be easy I agree, but when ITALY and GREECE are left alone for years to deal with the emergency and only a few years and 400K refugees later Madame Merkel wakes up because a photographer publishes a photo od a three years old baby dead on the beach.

Today, after Hungary (that has suffered the claw of Comunisms for many years) finished building the barbed wire’s wall and attacked the refugees pushing at its border with tear gas and water cannons, and annouces the display of Humvees with machines guns at the borders with Serbia, Croatia announces that the refugeees can go through the Country (but be careful of the land mines on the fields) Over Three Thousand immigrants have perished in the Mediterranean in 2014. How many have still to suffer before the CRAZINESS ends?

a-kosovo-man-carries-his fence_at_the_bulgarian-turkish_border2

EUROPE must take an UNITED stand as soon as possible if it wants to continue calling itself UNITED or else give up a name that doesn’t reflect the actions that it is taking to give these people the hope they need to continue on with their lives in Countries that are often responsible for what is happening where people are escaping from.

France and England are very fast to summon talks when the matter is of money and banks. They close their borders (in spite of the Schengen Treaty) and they washed their hands like modern time Pilat.

Countries who adopt hard measures against people escaping from war should be banned from being called EUROPEAN and France, England and Hungary should belong to something else. I have nothing else to add but “I do not consider myself European anymore because I feel ashamed to belong to such a disgraceful array of useless Countries” I was born in Italy. I will proudly condider myself Italian because we have accepted many of these desperate people long before the International Community started to even care about them”

I will not call myself an EUROPEAN until Countries like Hungary fire tear gas against people escaping from wars or if they are thrown out, ALONG with ENGLAND and FRANCE. Shame on you.

Dis- United Europe and Dis- United Nations Failing of the Human Race

What if the Aliens invaded us tomorrow? What would they think of us as “human kind”? They’ll keep an eye on us to study our behaviour and what will they see? A world deeply divided  by hatred, wars,terror. Everywhere they would find people killing other people for futile reasons, but, above all they’ll notice our total indifference for one another.

They will zoom their attention perhaps on the coasts of Italy, in the south. Between Sicily and Lybia they will see thousands of people fleeing with makshifts boats, trying to reach the shores of Europe. They will see their boats sinking, people drowning by the thousand. They would expect to see the European Countries come to the rescue,trying to do something to help. They will see no action if not for those Stupid Italians, picking up people from the waves, taking them to the land and give them food, shelter, money to survive.8d1d2-euro

The Aliens will study our way of organizing things internationally and they will find out that there is “something” called UNITED EUROPE. What is it there for? After a quick study they will find out that EUROPE is NOT  UNITED specially when it comes to International crisis. They will find out that there are a few Countries in EUROPE that have a priviledge status like GERMANY, FRANCE, ENGLAND. There are 28 Countries in DIS UNITED EUROPE, all the other 25 count a lot less than the ones mentioned above and whatever happens there seems to be none of their business.

If Africa Bordered with GERMANY FRANCE OR ENGLAND, the refugee problem would have been solved a long time ago. Instead the problem lays on Italian shoulders right now and there are interests in dealing with this modern times slavery traffic that have reached the Billion Euro mark. Hard to stop will this kind of money involved. Right now trafficking in humans is the third more profiting source of money after weapons’ sale and drugs smuggling.

What happens when 700 people drown in the Mediterranean Sea? The EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (DIS –UNITED) decides to spend millions of Euros in trying to solve the problem. The money is pocketed  by corrupted politicians and the problem drags on and on, waiting for the next boat to capsize so that more MILLION EUROS can be spent on trying to solve the problem. THE NEVER ENDING STORY. Let us not forget that these desperate people are fleeing wars that are continuosly supported by the world’s lobbies of arms sales. And which are the Countries that are on the top list of weapons sales in the world can be easily found with a quick search on the web.

Where are the UNITED NATIONS? What are they there for? Aren’t they acting the same way they did in the MASSACRE OF SEBRENICA when 8000 people were slaughtered while there was a large contingent of UN FORCES right there and did absolutely nothing to stop it?

Why are we keeping the UNITED NATIONS FOR? Are they doing something to improve the lives of the people that are suffering the consequences of wars around the world at this moment? NO . Are they doing something at all when they should hurry and solve this particular problem that the WORLD is facing? NO. Can someone explain to me what are they there for then?

I feel ashamed these days. Ashamed of being HUMAN. What does it mean? That I should take care of my own business and give absolutely a flying shit about what happens to other human beings around the world? Has the EVIL POWER OF MONEY cancelled all traces of Humanity from us all?

What if the ANGELS who destroyed SODOMA AND GOMORRA were to come back tomorrow and seek for Fifty,Twenty,Ten  GOOD HUMANS, would they be alble to find them and spare the world from ARMAGEDDON?

I seriously doubt it. As I doubt the UNITED NATION or UNITED EUROPE to stand up to their name and PURPOUSE.

So will the Aliens. After a short staying, studying the Humans they will have only two options to consider:

DESTROY US and take over, or LEAVE for another GALAXY, knowing that soon or later they can come back and find out that we’ve DESTROYED OURSELVES

Balotelli & Company Great game (of Golf)

baloMario Balotelli is crying on Instagram about the way he is being treated by the Italians and writesSono Mario Balotelli ho 23 anni e non ho scelto di essere italiano . L ho voluto fortemente perché sono nato in ITALIA e ho sempre vissuto in ITALIA. Ci tenevo fortemente a questo mondiale e sono triste arrabbiato deluso con me stesso . Si magari potevo fare gol con la costa rica avete ragione ma poi? Poi qual’è il problema? Forse quello che vorreste dire tutti è questo? La colpa non la faccio scaricare a me solo questa volta perché Mario Balotelli ha dato tutto per la nazionale e non ha sbagliato niente.( a livello caratteriale) quindi cercate un’altra scusa perché Mario Balotelli ha la coscienza a posto ed è pronto ad andare avanti più forte di prima e con la testa alta. Fiero di aver dato tutto per il Suo paese. O forse, come dite voi, non sono Italiano. Gli africani non scaricherebbero mai un loro ” fratello” . MAI. In questo noi negri, come ci chiamate voi, siamo anni luce avanti. VERGOGNA non è chi può sbagliare un gol o correre di meno o di più. VERGOGNOSE SONO QUESTE COSE. Italiani veri! Vero?”

I’m Mario Balotelli, I’m 23 years old and I choose to be Italian. I wanted it so much because I was born here and I always lived here. I strongly believed in this World Cup and I feel sad angry and deluded  with myself. Yes, I could have scored maybe with Costa Rica you are right, and then? What is the problem….”  He continues trying to find a reason why Italy is out of the competition. Why? Because neither balotelli or the others have really played SOCCER. They could have sent them to a GOLF tournament, or to a CRICKET game, but what I saw wasn’t ITALY, it was the worst team of the World Cup since the extintion of the dinosaurs.

He tries to blame on the colour of his skin but he is wrong again. Had he scored the goal he is profumately paid to score, he would have been hailed as a hero here in Italy, and all the kids would have bought the Tshirt with his name and number on it. Instead if they could now, they would bring the Tshirts, already bought with a great wish, back to the shop, swapping it for the Tshirt of an Ecuadorean player (they played a wonderful game of courage against France).

Nobody would have noticed you were black, or white, or yellow, or green Mario, nobody really cares about the skin’s colour anymore. It is you, who is using it as a mere excuse for a flaw that is not to be blamed only to you and will stay with you and your team members for the rest of your carreers, as you will be sent into the history trip as the worst soccer team who played in Brasil 2014. This will be your reward for looking as if you were made by wood, like a bunch of PINOCCHIOS unable to even throw a ball into the goalie’s hands in 90 minutes. Be ashamed of the money you make not about the colour of your skin.

Bibione Beach and the wireless flaw

(by pio dal cin) Bibione is a great beach on the upper Adriatic. The beach is wide and services abound. The prices are contained now in June. The broadwalk is full of people in the morning jogging, or riding their bikes along the shore. At night restaurants and pizzerias fill up with people and the downtown stroll is a wonderful experience.

If you are a web addict and you cannot live without your emails, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, Youtube, get ready for disappointment as BIbione does NOT offer a free WIFI service. Why should Bibione do it? Because this is the Web 2.0 Era. People love the beach and the pizzas, the restaurants and the services on the beach, but business men and young people love to be connected 24/7, so by the same token you charge a tax just for being there (tassa di soggiorno) you should provide your spending guests with FREE WIFI. If not, we’ll go to a resort or beach with that service. Wouldn’t that be a shame? Wake up Bibione, this is the 2014.


Codognè rielegge Roberto Bet sindaco con un plebiscito (75%)

(by pio dal cin)


Codognè rielegge Roberto Bet sindaco con un plebiscito

(by pio dal cin) Congratulazioni a Roberto Bet per la sua rielezione a sindaco di Codognè. Voglio cominciare questo breve articolo con una foto presa da Repubblica  eccola qui

Questo risultato sembra premiare il lavoro svolto durante gli ultimi cinque anni, e prescinde dai Risultati Nazionali (dati Ministero Interno) che hanno visto il PD come prima forza politica del Paese  e la “sconfitta” di +Beppe Grillo  ed il suo M5S.
Roberto Bet  è un sindaco Leghista; il primo del paese. La sua vittoria più che un successo della Lega Nord ma il successo che ha ottenuto per la seconda volta è sicuramente legato alla sua gestione della cosa pubblica durante un periodo molto difficile, dal 2009 ad oggi, durante il quale sarebbe stato più facile nascondersi che amministrare con delle assurde regole come ad esempio il Patto di stabilità solo per citare uno dei tanti ostacoli messi tra i piedi a chi cerca di tenere in equilibrio un paese di 5300 abitanti.
Roberto Bet ha saputo tenere bene le redini, in un paese non facile e che veniva da dieci anni di amministrazione della sinistra. Ha saputo soprattutto essere il “sindaco di tutti” come aveva annunciato durante la sua campagna elettorale. Certo che accontentare tutti non è possibile,ma se guardiamo il paese di Codognè in provincia di Treviso cinque anni dopo il primo insediamento del primo cittadino lo vediamo sicuramente migliorato nelle opere pubbliche, nella sua presenza sul Web (scrivendo il nome del paese ci sono circa 910.000 risultati utili) Un paese “connesso” come era stato promesso.

Un’altro pregio di Roberto è sicuramente quello di aver prestato attenzione a chiunque si sia rivolto a lui, anche da coloro che non hanno appoggiato la sua elezione.
Questo non fa che dimostrare che oggi più che a livello locale contano più i volti delle persone e le loro azioni, piuttosto che la loro appartenenza politica.
Questo dovrebbe servire da monito e da esempio a chi governa a livelli più alti, a Roma. 
Grazie Roberto e buon lavoro per i prossimi cinque anni.
(il campanile restaurato di Codognè)


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