Magdi Allam lascia che ti chiami “Pirla” (un pirla furbo pero’)

Un momento del battesimo di Magdi Cristiano Allam
Un momento del battesimo di Magdi Cristiano Allam (Photo credit: Maurizio Lupi)

(by pio dal cin) Magdi Allam ha cambiato di nuovo. Cosa? Partito…giornale? No Religione ( leggi)
Magdi Allam cambia religione come scilipoti il partito  . Che dire? Non sprecherò piu’ di due righe per descrivere un cambia casacca che non mi è mai andato giu. Il suo avvicinarsi alla religione Cattolica (con comunione da Benedetto XVI) era sembrato più uno stunt pubblicitario che altro.

Adesso potrà spaziare tra mille altre religioni e sette. La sua credibilità oramai è più bassa di quella di un comune cambia casacca. Che personaggio deludente.

Eurodeputato, vice direttore del corriere della sera. Bravo hai fatto proprio una bella carriera. Come dobbiamo chiamarti adesso?
Magdi ex Cristiano ex Musulmano Allam ora ancora Musulmano?

Troppo lungo, lascia che ti chiami “pirla”

Magdi Allam becoming Christian..Open letter to the most discussed journalist.

Sorry Magdi but if you look at this report: you will find out that you are today one of the 2.1 Billion Christians in the world today versus 1.5 billion Muslim .

I don’t agree with the changing of religion, although  I higly respect your personal  choice.

In my life of travelling I had many chances of changing my religion too, but i never did for a simple reason: respect for the beliefs of my Ancestors.

“If my grandfather and my great grandfather and his grandfather were Christian, I would consider it an act of hostility to them, considering that I am today the tangible projection of what they were and what they believe in.”

There are many things I do not agree with in the Christian Religion of today, one of them is for example the showing off of  golden crucifixes , and “donut sized golden rings”worn by the Pope on public ceremonies(.

Another thing i do not agree with is the continuous “hunt” for new adepts to the religion, in contrast, sometimes with the difficulties by certain married Christian couples to have their children baptized for their past marriages or experiences.

But I was baptized a Christian and I will die a Christian.

If I was raised as a Muslim I would do the same.

As I pointed out before, I respect your decision, and I understand the danger you have to live with but these “sparks” I would have saved for another historical period, as tension between the two Religion is mounting in the last few years, I think it would have been much wiser to have a humble, simple ceremony, in a hometown church, rather than a flamboyant one performed by the Pope.

I believe than in these time of tension and peril, we, and our religious leaders should be more careful not to add fuel to the fire of inter-religious tension, and that the Almighty God,should not be downgraded to  question of who is on this side or into the other.

This is my humble opinion.