O.J Simpson a true Scumbag

O.J. Simpson on the cover of Newsweek and TIME.
O.J. Simpson on the cover of Newsweek and TIME. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
O.J. Simpson on the cover of Newsweek and TIME. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(by pio dal cin)  I remember that I was watching the basketball playoff that year when suddendly the show was interrupted by a breaking news. O.J. Simpson was escaping from police on the highway with his SUV. The helicopter showed the scene.

Inside the car, traces of blood were found connecting him with the murder of his wife Nicole and her lover outside theirLos Angeles home.

Simpson was acquitted on the grounds of racial discrimination and it appeared obviousthat he was the only one who could have killed the couple.

Now in This video by +CNN  he pleas for his freedom.

I hope that he will never be let free for he is a rotten individual, a killer, a no good human being

When I followed the trial I was in Los Angeles. All the blood trial you left there was proven by strong evidence, like the blood found under the accellerator pedal in your car, or the bloody glove: but you were rich, and the lawyer did it for you. You should rot in jail O.J because I’m sure if you were let free you’ll still make other people suffer. In my book you are NOT innocent, you became a true SCUMBAG after the killing of your wife.