Colline dell’UNESCO- “Su par le rive” piccola storia in dialetto Veneto

Pendenze Pazzesche da lavorare a mano giorno dopo giorno

Su Par le Rive

Incuò son ‘ndatt su pae Coline. Dovee scriver un articolo pal GAZETIN . Vee da sentir do o tre contadini. Quei de na volta. Quei coe man piene de cai, quei che intorno ala panza i à na corda ligada, co l’è ora dee vendeme. Ma no par tegner su le braghe, par ‘ndar su sue RIVE a vendemar. Parchè, dovè saver, su sue Coline, al Prosecco l’è pi bon. I lo ciama DOCG e al costa de pi de quel che troven in tel supermercato a Conejan o a Vitorio.

No ste dirme che curar le vide quassù l’è la stessa roba che in pianura

Ben…posse dirve na roba? Par mi al dovaria costar vinti volte de pi. Si cari, vinti volte de pi..e saveo parchè? Provè a vegner su, quando che “Conte coe braghe onte” al ne assarà moverse in libertà. Vegnè a veder dove che sta zent l’à da lavorar par far vegner bona la ua che dopo la deventarà BOLLICINE

Deghe na ociada a sta foto quà de sora… Vardè ben. Mi quà no ‘ndaria gnanca a far na escursion de montagna. Inveze la zent la va dentro e foram su e zo e su e zo par tajar l’erba, par zarpir, par sbambolar, par pompar (a man col zaino drio la schena) e dopo ala fine par vendemar.

Adess lori ( i picoi agricoltori) i è inrabiadi e la razon de la so rabia l’è na proposta che l’è drio girar ma lori si spera che no la vae avanti: I vol tajarghe al 40% dea produzion e lori no i ghe sta.. no i vol saverghen parchè dentro de lori i pensa: “Me pare, me nono, me bisnono, i se à fatt un cul cussì par tirar su ste vide in te sti posti impervi e difizii da coltivar. Sen riuscidi a tegner duro coe guere, aluvion, sicità tempeste varie e teremoti. Grazie a Dio sen riusidi a far deventar al PROSECCO un vin che i vol tuti, dal Sudafrica all’Alaska. Inveze de dirne che sen bravi cossa fai? I vol tajarne la produzion. Ma ve sembrelo normal? E proprio sto ano che l’à statt ( e l’è ancora) al Virus? NO no, no va ben cussì. Tajenghe al 40% a quei che i vendemea zo in pianura sentadi in tei tratori magari co l’aria fresca e le cufie sue recie par scoltar musica. Vardè che noialtri quassù, par lavorar un etaro de vigneto ne vol 600 ore. Zo in pianura ghen basta 100. L’à da esserghe na differenza no? Dai. Chi volene cior pai zebedei?. NE vien voja de molar tutt. Quando che l’à da far bea figura i mete le foto dee rive storiche, e dopo i ne taja la produzion a noialtri? Varda, saria da inrabiarse, ma no cambia gnent” Questo cari letori l’è al sentimento che ò colto stamatina su pae coline del Unesco. A voialtri le conclusion. Chissà chi che à rason. Doman l’è marti.Se volè lezer la storia in Italian lezè al GAZETIN de Treviso (riproduzione riservata- testo e foto copyright- pio dal cin)

Prosecco’s Hills of Conegliano & Valdobbiadene.Why are we a world’s heritage spot by UNESCO

Riccardo Poletti with a guitar bought at a charity auction by Desiderio Bortolin

“Take this glass with you” Told me Riccardo Poletti, the “right arm” of the family Bortolin that celebrated last year their 50th anniversary in this adventure ( I wouldn’t call it business because that is not the way they see it) “We are not going to taste our wine inside a cellar, we are going right there, where it’s produced” We took the ten minutes ride on a Land Rover through a rough path till we reached the top. Looking around there were only wineyards. 360 degrees of rolling hills. “This is where we produce, where we shed our swet trying to pamper our grapes so that they can become the best of wine. We pick them grape by grape, by hand. the morphology of the terrain doesn’t give us any other choice. In some cases, where the hills are really steep we have to secure ourselves to ropes, as if we were climbing a mountain, to make sure we do not fall. The hand picking assures a grape that is not smashed or damaged and this gives us thechoice of picking the right time to process it and turning it into the best Prosecco di Valdobbiadene & Conegiano. The recipe comes from our grandfather and other great men who believed in the potential of these hills just after the Second World’s War and experimented continuosly till they developed what is known today as the Valdobbiadene-Conegliano method of processing that is studied by all the producerds around the world” Riccardo uncorks the bottle with its typical sound. He then takes half a glass and purs it on the ground. “Rinsing the glass?” I ask. “Not really.. This is what we do always before drinking our wines. We give back some to Mother Earth what belongs to Her, it is a thanksgiving act that we perform all of the time” I’m positively startled. This is the bond between this working people and their Land, their Hills, their Grapes.

“pouring the wine before drinking it is a sort of Thanksgiving to Mother Earth that has provided us with this nectar made with love and passion. This is what we are”

During the two hours we spent together I learned from Riccardo and Desiderio Bortolin, the owner of the omonym wine producer’s cellar, that it is NOT the Prosecco itself that has gained the world’s heritage mention by UNESCO, is the Territory, the HILLS and all the products tha come within it in a huge container (like a hashtag). There are places and cheeses, meats and honey, churches from the ninth century and salami, and above all the LOVE. The LOVE of this great PEOPLE who were born here and they belong to these hills, to their rock, to their steepness, to the hard work of their ancestors that continues on to the new generations. “We love to provide a honest product. We aren’t in business just for the money or to cheat our customers , we are here to make sure to give everyone who puts their trust in our wines gets the best. Everyone returns for more, and this for us is the best reward.

(copyright by pio dal cin 2019- all rights on photos and text are reserved)

The breathtaking view from the “SALIS” B&B ‘ pool and SPA
The terrace at Salis’ Restaurant on the HIlls
Maria Boghetto manager of Salis B&B and SPA on the Hills

Continuing on my serach for the truth on this breathtaking area I decided to give it a “pink cut” and by that I mean that where there is something great in a place there must be some great women. I searched for them and find a few worth spending some time with, for their dedication to the Territory and above all for their LOVE and the PASSION they put in what they do. MARIA BOGHETTO was a woman keen to deal with numbers. Thirtheen years ago, after the passing on of her husband’s grandfather, she decided to turn the old farmhouse into a B&B. (four daisies is like four stars for a hotel). There are nine rooms and the swimming pool, along with the Jacuzzi, are placed in the right spot so that one can enjoy the amphitheatrical view of the Hills. “Every day, when I come to work, I consider myself a very lucky person” Says Maria :”What more could I ask for? Look at the scenery, isn’t it wonderful? ”

What do you think is needed now to develope this into something “up to the excpectations of the prepared tourists given the new spotlight?

“We really need to work together as in one body. There must be a single direction where we point to and there must be a guidance that would be appropriate to have in order to convey our energies with strict and solid rules as the Ten Commandements of the Hills, we also need a tourisms of prepared people who come here knowing what to expect, no need for load full of tourists who come in the morning and leave in the evening. This Hills and its Territory must be sipped slowly, like a good glass of CARTIZZE.”

Alfia De Sorbo was an accountant who decided to create a joyful, peaceful relaxing spot in VALDOBBIADENE. She remodeled the old houseand its three rooms and called it “LA CASETTA” (the small house). Here the guest have the whole house at their disposal, not just the room. The warmth and the good vibrations are everuywhere as Alfia created a small paradise inside this great place, ” I like to pamper my guests. My reward is to see them coming back, and they do. They love the concept of having the house for themselves. I love them staying here and enjoying the territory slowly, perhaps with a mountain bike, an electric one is worderful to taste the beauty of these Hills”

Michela De Bona was born on these Hills.In the last twenty years she lived her path of Public Relations getting to know all the businesses, the people, the restaurants and all enterprises small, medium and big. She loves these hills like she loves her two twin children and she knows everyone in the area. Michela to me is like a sister and everytime I need to know something in particular, a person, a business, a B&B, a restaurant, a place to visit, she points out the best, the one that has a story behind, because SHE KNOWS the story of every corner, or every person in this wonderful area. She is about to start something new, because she believes that this Territory, from Venice to the Dolomites must be known and the best way to do it is slowly, and why not on top of an eletrical bike.This gives me the opportunity of say THANK YOU Michela, from the deep of my heart, you have made my job of writing, taking photos, talking to people and getting to know these hills really easy.

Cesare, dell’Osteria senza Oste a Guia di Valdobbiadene. Il vino fatto uomo.

Ho conosciuto Cesare De Bastiani solo sabato. Ne avevo sentito tanto parlare ma non lo avevo mai incontrato. Grazie a MIchela, un vero vulcano di donna nelle pubbliche relazioni mi sono messo in contatto con lui. Due parole e un appuntamento “Tra dieci minuti, nella mia macelleria a Guia”. Parcheggio e lui mi viene incontro con uno di quei sorrisi Veneti DOCG , come il vino che tiene in cantina. “Cosa bevi?” Mi chiede. Lo guado con occhio di sfida: “Una birretta? Qui? Nella Terra che il Creatore ha benedetto con questo “petrolio dorato? I andrei sul sicuro…Un PROSECCHINO!” . Ridiamo insieme come due vecchi amici, c’è empatia. Cesare è spontaneo, allegro, solare.Vuoi vedere che ha preso dal vino che produce?.In effetti se ci penso ha le stesse caratteristiche di questo vino che ha conquistato il mondo; allegro, frizzante, spontaneo, vero. Sono in queste colline della MERAVIGLIA per realizzare delle interviste per un pezzo che uscirà domenica 9 giugno 2019. La domanda che faccio a lui come a tutti gli altri intervistati è la stessa:” Cosa ne pensano della candidatura delle Colline a Patrimonio dell’UNESCO”. Ovvia la comune risposta che si discosta poco nei vari personaggi che ho incontrato. Il minimo comune denominatore è che “Bisogna essere assolutamente pronti ad un cambiamento, qualora diventasse definitiva. Non rilassarsi ed essere pronti alle sfide che una tale investitura comporterebbe”. Mi fa vedere la sua macelleria. E’ uno di quei luoghi di una volta, pulitissima e ben curata, con salami e soprese dappertutto, un paradiso per chi ama gli insaccati, e non solo. Il suo aiutante dietro al banco solleva due costate che farebbero venire l’acquolina in bocca ad un morto”. Lo ringrazio per l’intervista. Non c’è tempo per andare a visitare la famosa “Osteria” ma concludo con lui che ” E’ la dimostrazione più sana e veritiera dell’ospitalità Veneta e dei Veneti. Un luogo a cui gli avventori si avvicinano e consumano le bevande e i pasti senza che nulla venga chiesto a loro in cambio” I soldi sono “solo” un’opzione che gli ospiti lasciano volentieri perché sanno che nessuno chiederà a loro dii dare di più o di meno, perché la fiducia è una cosa seria, e si da alle persone serie che apprezzano e riconoscono il valore di un territorio che si esprime anche attraverso dei piccoli grandi gesti come quelli che Cesare fa ogni giorno con la sua avviata attività

Conegliano Raduno Alpini Triveneto 2015

Raduno Alpini Triveneto Conegliano 2015DSC00466 DSC00468 DSC00489 DSC00490 DSC00508 DSC00509 DSC00510 DSC00515 DSC00516 DSC00520 Fullscreen capture 12062015 232749 FullSizeRender

Venissa A great story and a great wine from Bisol for Mia Voss Pio Dal Cin & Company


Mia Voss & Pio Dal Cin and the Venissa experience

What a day thursday. Pouring rain all night. +Mia Voss , +pio dal cin  Pietro Lot and Lisa Tommasella meet at #VillaToderini for breakfast. We were supposed to be in Ca’Noghera to catch a boat taxi to reach the island ofMazzorbo, just across the bridge from wonderful Burano. Here the Bisol Family (one of the leading brand of Prosecco inVeneto with over one million bottles a year) has managed to restart a wineyard that seemed to be lost. with the savy of a good friend, Walter Biasi, from Codogné they revived the wineyard that was situated in the Island of Mazzorbo where an oldMonastery once stood. What remains of it is an old tower bell from the year 1300.
To go or not to go? This was the question. Hoping for the rain to stop or change the date? We decided that we should go, and it was the best decision we took.
The boat was waiting for us and we took off as soon as Matteo showed up (thanks for driving all the way down here fromS.Stefano di Valdobbiadene to meet us) we went to the island trough the Lagoon with wildlife everywhere (cormorans, swans,egrets,flamingo). I though I was in the Everglades.
As soon as we got to the island Matteo took us for a tour of the wineyard called #Venissa, as the wine is called. Shortly after we crossed the bridge to Burano, and stopped at one of the best bakery I have ever seen. Soon after Matteo took us to see a great video that described without words the making of the #Venissa wine.
A faboulos lunch followed with pasta e fasioi, sardine in saor,folpetti and the best fried fish platter I have ever had in my life.

The taxi took us back to uor car in the afternoon where we headed for downtown Venice. Rain all day. A great experience indeed

Codognè Cuore Veneto tutte le interviste


Codognè Cuore Veneto tutte le interviste

Alcuni lettori mi hanno chiesto se fosse possibile accedere alle interviste di #codognecuoreveneto senza dover per forza usare i codici qr. 

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Se avete difficoltà ad uscire o per qualche ragione non potete muovervi di casa chiamatemi pure al 3397749337 che ve lo recapito io a casa nel territorio di Codognè e delle sue frazioni.

Grazie ancora a tutti coloro che hanno acquistato il libro. Sono a disposizione  per qualsiasi domanda vogliate rivolgermi. Domani 20 dicembre +Reteveneta  mi farà un’intervista. Non appena sapro’ quando verrà trasmessa lo scriverò qui sul mio blog preferito

A tutti voi i migliori auguri di un Sereno Natale in famiglia,al calduccio con il presepio.