The Menu’ for a perfect Italian night of classical music with a live orchestra (video and photo story)

Ingredients: One fantastic orchestra named FILARMONIA VENETA and its director DIEGO BASSO

One Palladian Style Venetian Villa named VILLA TODERINI

One perfect hot summer evening with stars

One Moon

The public sitting in the park in front of the VILLA Toderini (


One photographer (myself) running all over trying to get the perfect angle in spite of spotlights creating a disturbance to the shooting of video/photos. for the videos please visit

That is really what made the night of Wensday July the 22nd a memorable one for this tiny town of 5300 souls nested in the country side of Veneto, between the Adriatic beaches and the Dolomites

Red Cross to sell Italian Wine in 60 public squares to raise funds for Haiti

The Red Cross is sponsoring a 5 euro italian wine sale in 60 italian public squares to help raise funds for Haiti

here is the link to the event