Putin. The Zar of Europe (and the rest of the world)

(by pio dal cin)

                                                                          A CHESS GAME

Putin probably likes to play chess, as every other Russian does. Chess for the Russian is like Baseball for Americans.

The game he started with Europe and the USA  in Crimea has already him as the one and only winner. As a former KGB official he knows all the game’s rules, not with the chess game but with International balances. He knows when and what to do.

                                                                        EUROPEAN DIS-UNION

He knows for example that the European Union is more a dis-Union when it comes to foreing policy. Look what happened with the Lybian crisis; there was not a unique policy and while the French decided to attack alone, everyone else was still talking on what was the best option to stop Gaddafi. What about the Syrian conflict? Same as above; if Russia (and its twin China) decide that there should not be any interference in the matter, who is going to stop them from doing exactly what they want? Nobody.

                                                                        PHONE CALL TO CHINA

All Putin has to do is that phone call to China, to make sure he has the ok to act as he wants and BAM, he is the Zar of the modern world. He will decide good or bad weather, war or peace. He knows that Obama will only raise his voice and will be silenced , if not by fear of another troop deployment to save Ukraine, for sure by “friendly advices” from the Chinese Government who can dictate if Mr.Obama can or cannot meet the Dalai Lama in the Oval Room or if he can or cannot send troops in Europe to save their Democracy.

                                                                          THE NEW ZAR OR THE NEW HITLER?

What difference does it make how you call him. Hilary Clinton calls him “the new Hitler” and she knows darn well how dangerous this guy can be if you touch his interests in any area of the world. (China approves). Syria is a great example. Russia matches up with China and the rest of the World please shut up.

When Putin “smiled” at the Winter  Olympic Games closing ceremony in Sochi, he looked like me after I cry for two days. He is not popular, The only one who can talk to him is Berlusconi (who says openly he hates comunists and has a strong frienship with Putin who was and in my opinion is still a comunist).

Nobody likes Putin. He doesn’t care. As cold as he looks he doesn’t give a flying hoot on what anybody in the world will think about him or his policy. He has the freedom of choice. To invade Crimea, Ukraine, and one by one (why not?) all the other European Countries. Who is going to stop him?

English: Official portrait of Vladimir Putin S...
English: Official portrait of Vladimir Putin Suomi: Vladimir Putinin virallinen muotokuva Français : Portrait officiel de Vladimir Poutine Magyar: Hivatalos portré Vlagyimir Vlagyimirovics Putyin Italiano: Foto ufficiale di Vladimir Putin 日本語: ウラジーミル・プーチンの公式写真 ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Offisielt porttrettfoto av Vladimir Putin Nederlands: Staatsieportret van Vladimir Poetin ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Offisielt portrettbilete av Vladimir Putin Polski: Oficjalny portret Władimira Putina 中文: 弗拉基米爾·普京的官方肖像 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Attack By Chondrite: Scientists ID Russian Meteor


Attack By Chondrite: Scientists ID Russian Meteor

February 22, 2o13

Researchers who studied pieces of the meteor collected near Lake Cherbarkul say it was a common chondrite meteor. The largest of the 53 fragments was one centimeter in diameter. Photo provided by the Urals Federal University Press Service.

Alexander Khlopotov/AP

The meteor that caused at least 1,000 injuries in Russia after a startling and powerful daytime explosion one week ago has been identified as a chondrite. Russian scientists who analyzed fragments of the meteor, whose large size and well-documented impact made it a rarity, say that its composition makes it the most common type of meteor we encounter here on Earth.

“The fragments contain a standard number of minerals, including olivine, pyroxene, troilite and kamacite,” scientist Viktor Grokhovsky of the Urals Federal University, told the Voice of Russia. “These minerals that can be discovered only in outer space confirm the fragments’ extraterrestrial nature.”

That means that before it shattered windows in the city of Chelyabinsk and turned people around the world into gawkers fascinated by a calamity — and by the amazing video footage of it — the meteor spent billions of years traveling through space.

When it detonated over Russia, the explosion was powerful enough to be “detected by 17 nuclear monitoring stations around the globe,” as The Christian Science Monitor reports.

The meteor, which may have weighed as much as 10,000 tons and measured about 55 feet across, was traveling at an estimated 11 miles per second when it reached Earth, according to a report at io9.

“Chondrites are some of the most primitive rocks in the solar system,” says Britain’s Natural History Museum. “These 4.5-billion-year-old meteorites have not changed much from the asteroid they came from.”

The museum says the meteor’s name — pronounced with a hard “K” sound — comes from the Greek word for grains of sand.

But in the region where the meteor fell, the chondrite goes by another title: a chance to cash in. As NPR’s David Greene tells Linda Wertheimer on Morning Edition, people have been scrambling to collect pieces of the famous meteor.

“A 16-year-old pulled one out of his pocket and said, ‘Here’s a piece of the meteor, right here,” David says. “And this black market is developing. People have been coming to these villages and offering $100, $200 for little handfuls of space debris. The government’s worried that people are going to be trying to sell it fraudulently. So, this whole new economic reality is developing around this stuff.”

The Asteroid travelled at 33000 miles per hour

The asteroid that hit Russia today wasn’t that big at all, but had it hit the Earth at its full size it would have originated a huge explosion comparable tomillion tons of dynamite