Pope Francesco brings Hope for a better Church

Catherine of Siena escorted pope Gregory XI at...
Catherine of Siena escorted pope Gregory XI at Rome on 17th January 1377. Fresco by Giorgio Vasari (30.07.1511-27.06.1574). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Catherine of Siena escorted pope Gregory XI at Rome on 17th January 1377. Fresco by Giorgio Vasari (30.07.1511-27.06.1574). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(by pio dal cin)

 As my daughter was sitting in front of me in the kitchen’s table doing her homeworks, I kept the television muted not to disturb her. It was about 5:00 pm (Rome Time). 

My eyes were going nervously to the Television as the chemin on top of the
 Sixtine Chapel   was  shown. I knew that the smoke (black or white) was not due for another two hours, but  I was on the alert; wouldn’t miss the magic moment for the world.

“Look dad, there’s a seagull on top of the “camino”..” My daughter said. There it was, a white Seagull (see video here) sitting right there. He stood there for almost an hour and my daughter and I exchanged opinion on the fact that a “white” seagull should have a meaning if he choosed to sit in the most televised chemin in the world.

“It ‘ll be white, the smoke, dad, white like the seagull…” 

She was all excited about the event and as we planned, if  Cardinal Sean O’ Malley was chosen as the new Pope, we would celebrate like during the celebrations we did for the 2006 World Cup of Soccer.

We did not know Sean O’Malley before he showed up in Rome for the Conclave 2013 but as we saw his photos and heard the story of his life, we thought he could be a “great Pope”, besides rumors were out that he would choose the name of  Francesco.

I thoroughly explained my daughter about the need for the Catholic Church to have a simple minded Pope who could bring the Church to the Origins when being poor was considered a privilege.

At 7:07 a Thick White Smoke started to come out of the chemin followed by the confirmation of the Saint Peter’s Square Bell Tower that “Habemus Papam”
We have a Pope announcement was real.

“The seagull was right” Aurora kept repeating. She was all up in the air, happy to be witnessing such an historical event.

Now all we had to do was waiting for the New Pope to come out on the Balcony and see who He would be and what was the name He choosed for His Papacy.

At 8:10 pm the announcement was made from the Balcony
Habemus Papam (see the video here) and the name announced was the one of

George Maria Bergoglio (see video here). The “disappointment” that was visible on my daughter face disappeared when the announcement was made that He would call Himself “Francesco”.

He gave us the great impression of a humble Human Being. First He had a very simple cross hanging from His neck,  and He asked the people in the Square and the World to “Bless and Pray for Him” He thanked and remembered  Benedict XVI who resigned breaking a 600 years way,saving Himself for historians and theologists to understand why he took a step that was taken only by a few in the two thousand years of history of the Catholic Church and the Vatican.

The name pick “Francesco” was what did it for us all in the family.Saint Francis of Assisi is our favourite Saint for His simplicity and for the love He always showed for all animals and all the living creatures.

He conquered our hearts tonight. Now we’ll see if our expectations of a Pope that can teach us to share with the poor, and bring back the Church to the origins, where times were a lot harder for a Christian, but more genuine and spared from monetary’s scandals and other bad questions that have rocked the “Holy Sea” lately

New Pope O’Malley Cardinal with “what it takes” (a plea to the Holy Spirit)

(by pio dal cin) Saturday March 9th 2013 7:00 Rome Time.
With the Conclave Extra Hommnes  from the Latin word “cum clavem” (with key) that comes from what happened in 1270 when the people of Viterbo locked the cardinals in the City’s Palace until they reached the election of Gregory X

The process to elect the new Head of the Catholic Church will begin on Tuesday March 12th. 
As I stated in a previous post( A fool’s prediction),  trying to make a prediction is like to be able to guess the lottery numbers. Anyone can be right or wrong.

I was brought up a Christian Catholic in a very strict way. My name comes from Padre Pio da Petrelcina whom my dad met many times when he was a “small friar” battered by the Church and confined without the permission to Celebrate the Mass as he was becoming popular among the crowds for His “miracles”.

                      (Mons. Albino Luciani-Pope John Paul the I with my father) I met two Popes personally in my life: Pope John Paul

the I and Pope John Paul the II. (foto copyright pio dal cin 2013)

During my travelling around the World, as a photojournalist I came in touch and I studied 
Islam, Ebraism, Buddhism and the Religion of the Native Americans, out of my curiosity of understanding where, if there is one, lies the Truth.

I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled about Pope Benedict VXI; not much for His great personality and profound culture, but for the fact that he “sported” those huge golden crosses on His neck and the “fisherman ring” was big enough to buy a couple of apartments.

I kept repeating to myself that “This cannot be Sacred..” Isn’t the Church supposed to support the poverty as one of the three wows?”

Native Americans have a saying “If it is Sacred it must be Free..” I like this. But how many controversial, not free items are there in the Catholic Church today? Why is the Legacy of Saint Peter obliterated by scandals of the Vatican’s funds of million of Euros? 

I learned that the IOR (the Vatican Bank)is the most powerful bank in the whole world.

This should change, in my humble opininion. Saint Francis of Assisi was called by Jesus
to “Repair the Church”“Vai Francesco, ripara la mia Chiesa” and was cited here by Benedict VXI.

Times are very hard and the sex scandals, Vatican Leaks and not so transparent transactions of the Church are “rocking the Boat” like never before. 

Given my statement that “You have to be a Fool to make a prediction of choosing a Pope”, I will have another approach and “write a letter of plead to the Holy Spirit“, asking to pick the only one I saw that fits the description of Saint Francis of Assisi: Cardinal Sean O’Malley (read His blog)

LETTER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT: I will start with this Song to the Holy Spirit, that is sung by the Cardinals upon entering the Conclave, to ask for Divine Inspiration.

Dear Holy Spirit,

I am just a grain of sand in the Universe. I understand nothing about the Laws and the Forces that balance the Great Space.

Many Humans call upon Your Force and Greatness. Some call You Great Spirit, other call You Holy Spirit, other do not even believe in You.

During these days the Catholic Church is called to elect the Captain of the Ship.  

It is been very hard for me in these past years to believe that Your Holy Presence is among those walls, given all the scandals that we heard about.

It is very hard to boftenelieve that the Spirit of Jesus and of Saint Peter, and Saint Francis of Assisi is behind the gold and richness ofnen shown by those who are called to be Your servants, while there are million of people who suffer in the World.

So here is my humble plea: If You are really among those walls, Shed  a Great LIght upon those who are called to elect the new Pope so that His ways will be as Jesus requested of
simplicity and trasparency. a real Sheperd that can show the World that Jesus is still among us human beings in the way HE  taught us.

My pick is Sean O’ Malley

(I know that You don’t need suggestions but at least I casted my vote)


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