Addio Grande Mauro. Ti sia lieve la terra!



Chissà se i giornali locali ti dedicheranno un articolo domani. Forse si, forse no. Nella tua breve ma intensa vita non sei stato  sindaco, né assessore né consigliere comunale. Non eri iscritto a nessun gruppo. Te lo scrivo io un articolo caro Mauro, dedicato con tutto il cuore a te che sei stato una persona semplice, che ha vissuto una vita semplice, piena di alti e bassi, di controversie, di battaglie combattute, vinte e perdute. Eri gentile e rispettoso degli altri. Forse sapevi che la vita ti stava scorrendo veloce tra le dita, ma avevi scelto tu come viverla, alla tua maniera, senza rompere le balle a nessuno. Al bar del Maxi oggi il clima è triste, quasi avessero tolto una delle colonne portanti. Quando scendevo dall’auto eri il primo a salutarmi. A volte mi fermavo a scambiare due chiacchere. Eri sempre di buon umore e sembrerà strano a tutti non vederti seduto con la sigaretta in mano a fare l’ennesima partita a scopa con gli amici. Tutti sapevano che non stavi bene, ma nessuno si aspettava che facessi un “check out” così veloce dall'”albergo della vita”.  Gli amici del bar hanno messo una cassetta di cartone dove vengono raccolte le offerte per regalarti domani, giorno dell’ultimo saluto un mazzo di fiori, per dirti che ti volevano e ti vogliono tutti  bene, che mancherai quando ci sarà la nuova partita a scopa, che mancherai ai tuoi figli, ai fratelli e alle sorelle, ai cugini, e alla tua mamma che con il cuore gonfio di dolore ti piange oggi, assieme a tutti quelli che hanno avuto l’onore ed il privilegio di conoscerti. Se i giornali non ti dedicheranno l’articolo che meriti, non importa. Molto spesso le persone più valide e meritevoli passano inosservate, solo perché la loro vita non ha visto i riflettori riservati spesso a chi si veste solo in apparenza con il vestito della “piece teatrale” che la vita richiede loro. C’è tanta ipocrisia, tanta falsità nel mondo d’oggi, e spesso sono coloro che dovrebbero dare l’esempio a cadere nella banalità di una vita spesa nell’egoismo e nel menefreghismo. Non è il caso tuo Mauro; con i tuoi limiti, le tue paure, la tua vita vissuta in salita ci hai insegnato che si può essere generosi, rispettosi, gentili e generosi,mostrando la nostra vera faccia, la nostra natura umana senza maschere ed ipocrisie. Sono sicuro che dal posto in cui sei ora ci stai osservando e magari ci aiuterai a farci passare il magone, perché tu eri così: semplice, rispettoso e generoso.amauro.JPG

To all corrupted politicians in Italy. On your last day, you’ll regret your behaviour

Italian Stereotype - 1.Liar
Italian Stereotype – 1.Liar (Photo credit: Raffaello Robbiani)

(by pio dal cin) To all the corrupted politicians out there. Listen to the voices of the People of Italy crying for some relief. Before you are a politician you are (or at least should be) a MAN.

Next time you hoover over a City with your helicopter on the way to make a multimillion euro deal, think of the person in despair because he just lost his job, or because the enterprise he started with great sacrifices is about to collapse, maybe for a bill, or a law that you voted.

Think of a mother trying to feed the children with less than a thousand euros a month, while you are getting a message on your Iphone telling you that your 90thousand euro pension has been deposited in your bank account.

Think of a young couple who will not be able to start a family because the Bank just denied them a mortgage as they only have one paycheck a month and it won’t be enough.

Think of all the money you stole, and you are stealing from the poor people. One day you are going to die too. You will die rich and perhaps you’ll regret on your death bed not having being able to be honest and it will be the moment you’ll meet your Creator, it will be the saddest moment of your life.

To achieve honesty within yourself,
To recognize who and what you are ,
Do this and you can be honest with all others

Humble yourself and recognize that
No matter how much you think you know,
You know very little of all the universe.

To learn truth,
To live with truth, and
To walk with truth,
To speak truth

To have wisdom is to know the difference between good and bad, and
To know the result of your actions

Unconditional love to know that when people are weak
They need your love the most,
That your love is given freely, and
You cannot put conditions on it
Or your love is not true

Respect others, their beliefs, and
Respect yourself.
If you cannot show respect,
You cannot expect respect to be given

To be brave is to do something right,
Even if you know it’s going to hurt you.

Is there a “Right Religion”?

My father was captured by the nazis just before he turned twenty, on the coast of Albania.

He was deported in Northern Germany in a working camp where he had to spend eighteen long months of hard working in a coal mine,no food and twelve hour a day shift. He was born and raised in asmall town near Venice, Italy. His schooling days ended in tenth grade as he was needed in the fields as a worker as were his two elder brothers.

On Easter Day 1945 he was freed from  the camp by the Americans, when he returned home to his family he was phisically broken. He weighed  80 pounds. he was 5’7.

So when he went to the Lourdes water to ask for healing and the Virgin Mary Listened to him, he returned as a new man, fired by the Spirit of Love and willing to start a new life as a true Christian.

His dream was to create a Christian Family. He did when he met Maria Teresa, in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

They married and remained faithful to one another for fifty one years. Three children were born. I am the  younger, my name is Pio.

Pio is a very uncommon name for a man of my age, even in Italy. Narciso, my father, just after he was healed in Lourdes had heard of a friar in Southern Italy  that was becoming famous for performing miracles. His name was Padre Pio.

Narciso travelled many times to that small village where Padre Pio lived.He met Him.He became one of His Spiritual Sons and returned regularly to visit the friar.

When Maria Teresa became pregnant of her third child, doctors told her that she should have aborted the fetus. She has had two children before this and they both came to life trough a Cesarian. She never thought, even for a second, to give up that creature, even if her life was in danger.

Narciso was desperate and went to see  Padre Pio to seek confort and advice.

Go home Narciso…tell Maria Teresa that everything will be alright… said the Saint Man

Maria Teresa kept on with her pregnancy and  she gave birth to a healthy child and the name she choose was


I was raised by these two wonderful parents in a small town in northern Italy, and Christianity was taught to me from the very beginning. I had to pray in the morning, in the evening. On Sunday we went to church all together, and back to church in the afternoon. So my life was filled with Christianity,prayers, church,and Padre Pio always mentioned as the person who brought me to life.

The small town where I grew up was too small for me. I was never idle, always on the move, seeking always new horizons. In my younger yearsI gave my parents many problems, despite the name, I was a kind of child you wouldn’t baby sit even for a hundred dollars an hour.

In 1972 i smoked my first marijuhana cigarette, i was 16 years old in a town of five thousand, in Italy. That made me very unpopular with the mothers of the girls I tried to date. There was a small American compund in my town; a detachment from an Air Base. It was natural for me to go there daily and practice my English with the soldiers who became all my friends. In a few years I spoke better English than most of my friends.

When I boarded my first TWA flight from Rome to New York, It was my 23rd birthday. I was on my way to America and I was excited and happy to leave my small town to discover the world.

I ended upin Florida and i worked as a bus boy, a store clerk, and finally discovered that I loved to drive a cab, so I did for many years.

I was meeting people everyday and listening to their problems, their worries, their dreams and aspirations.

It opened my mind. But the real issue for me was to find out where the truth was. Was the RELIGION that my parents taught me the right one or was there a better answer to the big questions of life?

I  then began my search trough the Religions of the world as seen from the people I met in my life.

In Knoxville Tennessee in 1982 there was a World’s Fair.  I went there. Drove a cab and fell in love with AISHA, a Muslim  who opened my mind to the knowledge of Islam.

I asked myself many times , while i was loving her, If I should change my Religion to hers. Analyzing the two , I realized that there were similarities, and switching from one to the other would have not changed my life, beside, deep in my hart, I felt that neither Christianity nor Islam would have given me the inner peace I was seeking. So I didn’t change. I left Aisha and Tennessee, went back to Miami.

I had a fellow driver who was a Jewish and he spoke to me about his faith. I must say that I was really attracted by many issues in that Religion that shares  with us the history of  Moses,Abraham, Isaac. And later, as a photojournalist, when I had the chance to visit the Holy Land for three times I was really overhelmed by the Spirituality I breathed there. It was like a plunge into my ancient roots. I felt as a grain of sand in the desert when I walked on the Land of the Prophets. I felt as if really all my Spirituality started there.

So by the time when i was about 30 years old, I came to a conclusion, given to me by the people I met , the places I visited, and the experiences that life gave me the gift of making:

All the Religions have the truth but none of them has the WHOLE TRUTH. There is some good and some bad in all. So I began thinking that the Almighty God has really given us many a tool to discover His Greatness, in different ways, according to our differences in Geography, History, and Heritage. I opened my mind and start thinking that it doesn’t matter wheter you believe in Jesus, Mohamed, or in the Prophets, as long as you believe that there is only ONE GOD.

But my discoveries were not over yet.

Back to the USA I  “stumbled upon” the NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY , and realized that the more I knew about it the better I felt inside. There it was, I though, if today we could live by the teachings of this Great People, the World would be a much better place.

Native teaching gave me many answers, and still today. The Creator, The Universe, Mother Nature, the Animal, the Plants, all the Living Creatures  are part of the Hand of the Great Spirit that Lives inside our harts, who Has no need for churces or temples, as the Whole Universe is Its Church.

This way of seeing life and the Universe, as a Religion enlighted my Spirituality and  made me a different man.

Now in the Blog’s era, I discovered the peace and the serenity that the Buddhism is giving me with its great teachings, with meditation, and prayers of wisdom.

so here is my conclusion to the answer I made to myself if there is a RIGHT RELIGION?

NO. All of the Religions have something to teach,but if we are really interested into discover the truth of our peregrination on this Earth, we should keep ours eyes open as well as our minds, so that we can understand better what differs from our “beliefs”. Instead of fencing ourselves into the fortress of  “OUR” Religion, we should focus on a Greater Goal, making our lifes better for our well being and for the one who suffer, without letting the greed and the materialistic thought overcome the  “Breath of the Spirit” that lives in our Souls from the moment we came to life.

War and Sufferings caused by different views should  stop, and we should think as God as a Great Fire around Which we, as HUMAN BEINGS are sitting. We all know what a Fire is, but if we were to describe it the answers will be as many as we are, but the FIRE still will remain ONE.