Codognè rielegge Roberto Bet sindaco con un plebiscito (75%)

(by pio dal cin)


Codognè rielegge Roberto Bet sindaco con un plebiscito

(by pio dal cin) Congratulazioni a Roberto Bet per la sua rielezione a sindaco di Codognè. Voglio cominciare questo breve articolo con una foto presa da Repubblica  eccola qui

Questo risultato sembra premiare il lavoro svolto durante gli ultimi cinque anni, e prescinde dai Risultati Nazionali (dati Ministero Interno) che hanno visto il PD come prima forza politica del Paese  e la “sconfitta” di +Beppe Grillo  ed il suo M5S.
Roberto Bet  è un sindaco Leghista; il primo del paese. La sua vittoria più che un successo della Lega Nord ma il successo che ha ottenuto per la seconda volta è sicuramente legato alla sua gestione della cosa pubblica durante un periodo molto difficile, dal 2009 ad oggi, durante il quale sarebbe stato più facile nascondersi che amministrare con delle assurde regole come ad esempio il Patto di stabilità solo per citare uno dei tanti ostacoli messi tra i piedi a chi cerca di tenere in equilibrio un paese di 5300 abitanti.
Roberto Bet ha saputo tenere bene le redini, in un paese non facile e che veniva da dieci anni di amministrazione della sinistra. Ha saputo soprattutto essere il “sindaco di tutti” come aveva annunciato durante la sua campagna elettorale. Certo che accontentare tutti non è possibile,ma se guardiamo il paese di Codognè in provincia di Treviso cinque anni dopo il primo insediamento del primo cittadino lo vediamo sicuramente migliorato nelle opere pubbliche, nella sua presenza sul Web (scrivendo il nome del paese ci sono circa 910.000 risultati utili) Un paese “connesso” come era stato promesso.

Un’altro pregio di Roberto è sicuramente quello di aver prestato attenzione a chiunque si sia rivolto a lui, anche da coloro che non hanno appoggiato la sua elezione.
Questo non fa che dimostrare che oggi più che a livello locale contano più i volti delle persone e le loro azioni, piuttosto che la loro appartenenza politica.
Questo dovrebbe servire da monito e da esempio a chi governa a livelli più alti, a Roma. 
Grazie Roberto e buon lavoro per i prossimi cinque anni.
(il campanile restaurato di Codognè)


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G+ Gplussers to be mugged by Bearman Cartoons

(by pio dal cin) +CircleCount  and +Bearman Cartoons  have teamed up to try out a new feature called “polling”. Follow This Link on G+ and cast your vote. You will be asked to cast a vote for a popular Gplusser (I voted for HH +Dalai Lama ) The one who gets more votes will be mugged (made into a caricature) by +Bearman Cartoons .

I consider myself a lucky man for having been “mugged” by the Green Man (that is how I call +Bearman Cartoons .
One night as I was talking to him via +Google+  I asked him if he could put some hair on my bold head.
I should have kept my mouth shut. Look at the result this great cartoonist came up with


Enjoy Your Flight with Google Flight Search

(by pio dal cin)Google Flight Search What a great companion for your trips around the world. You can change your travelling plan instantly checking the connecting flights or airports should you change your travelling  options.
Check it out and experiment for yourself on this +Google  post on G+

Enjoy Your Flight with Google Flight Search  Here is what Google says on its G+ Page:
“With Google’s Flight Search, you can make your flight as much about the journey as your destination. It’s easy to choose your layover by filtering airports for your connecting flight. Say you’re flying from Madrid to Dubai and you’d prefer to fly through Istanbulon your way. After you input the date, clicking the “More” button will give you the option to select your desired connecting flight airport. The results will instantly update to show flights with Istanbul as the connecting airport. After you select your departing flight, you can use the same “More” filter for your returning flight”.

G+ Google plus Hangouts have improved accessibility for the hearing impaired

Hangouts (Photo credit: AJC1)
Hangouts (Photo credit: AJC1)

(by pio dal cin) +Google+  has announced today that accessibility has been improved for the hearing impaired on Hangouts. Read the post below by +Anna Cavender  that I saw trough +Loren Groves (thanks dude for sharing +Sharing is Caring on G+ )

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via +Loren Groves  Improving accessibility on Hangouts ht +Anna Cavender
Anna Cavender originally shared this post:
Improving accessibility in Hangouts

Accessibility is something we care a lot about on the Hangouts team. The Hangout Captions app, for example, enables live transcription services for the deaf and hard of hearing ( And “Take the Floor” makes it easier for sign language speakers to do a Hangout together ( Today we’re rolling out two accessibility improvements in Hangouts – a Sign Language Interpreter app, and a fuller set of keyboard shortcuts.

1) Using the Sign Language Interpreter app, deaf or hard of hearing users who prefer sign language can invite interpreters to speak and sign for them during a Hangout. They’ll always see their interpreter at the top right of the window, and they’ll become the focus of the Hangout whenever their interpreter speaks for them. You can install the app using this link:

2) Keyboard shortcuts are also available in Hangouts — great for people who can’t or don’t want to use a mouse during the video chat. For example: muting your microphone is now as simple as Ctrl+D (PC) or Command+D (Mac), and you can start chatting with Ctrl+B (PC) or Command+B (Mac). To view the full list of keyboard shortcuts just type ‘?’ while in a Hangout, or visit this

Both features are rolling out gradually, so let us know what you think once you’ve taken them for a spin!

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To all corrupted politicians in Italy. On your last day, you’ll regret your behaviour

Italian Stereotype - 1.Liar
Italian Stereotype – 1.Liar (Photo credit: Raffaello Robbiani)

(by pio dal cin) To all the corrupted politicians out there. Listen to the voices of the People of Italy crying for some relief. Before you are a politician you are (or at least should be) a MAN.

Next time you hoover over a City with your helicopter on the way to make a multimillion euro deal, think of the person in despair because he just lost his job, or because the enterprise he started with great sacrifices is about to collapse, maybe for a bill, or a law that you voted.

Think of a mother trying to feed the children with less than a thousand euros a month, while you are getting a message on your Iphone telling you that your 90thousand euro pension has been deposited in your bank account.

Think of a young couple who will not be able to start a family because the Bank just denied them a mortgage as they only have one paycheck a month and it won’t be enough.

Think of all the money you stole, and you are stealing from the poor people. One day you are going to die too. You will die rich and perhaps you’ll regret on your death bed not having being able to be honest and it will be the moment you’ll meet your Creator, it will be the saddest moment of your life.

To achieve honesty within yourself,
To recognize who and what you are ,
Do this and you can be honest with all others

Humble yourself and recognize that
No matter how much you think you know,
You know very little of all the universe.

To learn truth,
To live with truth, and
To walk with truth,
To speak truth

To have wisdom is to know the difference between good and bad, and
To know the result of your actions

Unconditional love to know that when people are weak
They need your love the most,
That your love is given freely, and
You cannot put conditions on it
Or your love is not true

Respect others, their beliefs, and
Respect yourself.
If you cannot show respect,
You cannot expect respect to be given

To be brave is to do something right,
Even if you know it’s going to hurt you.

G+ Bradley Horowitz Describes his Tesla Model S driving experience

Bradley Horowitz

7:24 PM (edited)  –  Public

Image representing Bradley Horowitz as depicte...
Image by Web 2.0 via CrunchBase
A Most Un-Peculiar Road Trip

A few weeks ago, we decided that we’d take advantage of the long weekend to drive down from the Bay Area to Los Angeles to see friends and family. The notion of driving down (v. flying) was made infinitely more appealing by the thought of taking our Tesla Model S.

In the intervening time, the +The New York Times +Elon Musk kerfuffle unfolded. I must say, it gave me a moment of pause about whether taking the Tesla was actually a good idea.

But I’ve already got more than 3000 miles on the car, and have learned to trust it.  So off we went.  And I started out by resetting the trip odometer, staying acutely aware of my energy consumption, etc.  But as the trip progressed (with another adult and two kids), we settled into the usual road trip rhythm of songs, games, and “Are we there yet?  How much longer?!”  It became clear that the fact that this was an electric car was a non-issue.  And so I stopped any notions of meticulous logging and just had fun and stayed present.  So this post is not in anyway intended as a rebuttal, filled with facts, figures, points and counterpoints.  Just one happy Model S owner’s experience, on one particularly well-supported route.

We trip was ordinary in the best possible sense. We had the air-conditioner going when it was hot (toward LA), the heater on when it was cold (back here), and we drove like we like to drive.  The car handled the steep grades on the path like a champ.  In fact the only thing missing was the roar of an engine struggling to make it up the hill.  😉

Per the attached map below, we stopped twice, breaking the trip into thirds.  This gave us an opportunity to eat, switch drivers, refresh… and of course recharge. In a gas-powered car, at least one of these stops would have been “optional” for me… maybe we’d have broken the trip into halves instead of thirds.  But we’d have still stopped to eat, and additionally I’d have definitely needed at least one bio-break and stand-and-stretch.  So in reality, there was a bit of a compromise.  For our second stop, what might have been a 15 minute pit-stop ended up being longer (by about 40 minutes.)  We put the time to good use, and it didn’t feel burdensome.

I heard a couple of NPR Marketplace correspondents last week describe this tradeoff well.  The first said (I paraphrase), “It’s not always appropriate to judge a new, disruptive technology against an incumbent across every dimension.  For instance, landlines almost never ‘drop calls.’  Cell phones do… a lot.  By that measure alone, you’d think that cell phones would fail.  But the added convenience of portability has trumped every other disadvantage.”  Another Marketplace reporter said (again paraphrasing), “I’m sure when gas-powered cars were first introduced some folks were dubious… since most of the oat-feeding stations in our national transportation network did not yet support gasoline pumps.  But that of course changed.”  😉

Here are some other random observations:
– One thing missing from the Supercharger stations – squeegees to clean the windshield of bugs! (+Tesla Motors help us out here!)
– This was my first experience using a Supercharger, and it’s pretty stunning how quickly it pours range back into the car.
– Lots of tumbleweeds blowing across I5.  Really big ones that folks had to brake for.
– Cost of travel for four to LA and back: $0 (thanks +Tesla Motors!) versus approx. $1000 for the flights we wanted.


Here’s a map of our route:

Palo Alto -> Harris Ranch Supercharger: 158mi
Harris Ranch Supercharger -> Tejon Ranch: 116mi
Tejon Ranch -> Koreatown (LA): 80mi

Total Distance: 354mi

Note that I actually passed a Supercharger in Gilroy, simply because I didn’t need it.  That was fun.  ;-)Collapse this post